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Cheap Truck Insurance Quotes Online, Cost, & Rates

Insurance is a requirement in every state. Each state determines its own rules and regulations for the amount of insurance you must carry. If you’re a commercial truck driver, you must not only adhere to your state’s guidelines, but you must also adhere to certain federal rules. 

Let’s face it; the onus is on you to ensure you have the appropriate amount of coverage for your truck. If you are looking for truck insurance, it’s good to educate yourself about your state’s requirements before shopping for a quote. Reputable insurance companies and agents will likely know the requirements, but it’s always good to do your own research to ensure you have the appropriate coverage. 

Where do I begin looking for cheap truck insurance quotes?

In today’s digital world, it’s easier than ever to get truck insurance quotes. Gone are the days of spending days or hours on the telephone or pounding the pavement trying to get quotes for insurance coverage. Now, it’s easy to begin by looking for truck insurance quotes online. 

If you are searching for truck insurance quotes online, you can go about the search in several ways. One is to search for individual companies and attempt to get a quote from them. You may be able to find a truck insurance quote online, but you may also find that once you input your information, you are directed to telephone or email an agent to finish the quote process.

Another option is to get a truck insurance quote online from a brokerage firm such as Simply Business or With a brokerage company, you input your information one time and get multiple quotes to compare rates from various sources at once. That is an easier way to get to the cheap truck insurance quotes. Again, like individual companies, you may be directed to call or email to finish the quote process. 

Do any insurance companies provide truck insurance quotes online?

Some insurance companies have fully taken steps into the digital world and offer free truck insurance quotes online. Even some companies that are considered traditional brick-and-mortar type insurance providers allow you to at least start your quote online. Here are some of the ones we found that offer truck insurance quotes online. 


Progressive is considered the number one commercial truck insurance company in the nation. They claim that their goal is to provide their customers with the best truck claims service available. Progressive allows you to have a 100% online insurance shopping experience. 

You can get your truck insurance quote online. Then, you can purchase your policy and maintain it online. You can even make claims online with Progressive. They also advertise 24/7 access to their agents. Learn more at our review of Progressive Commercial Truck Insurance.

Owner Operator Direct

Owner Operator Direct is an insurance company that specializes in commercial truck insurance. Lancer Insurance underwrites the company. Lancer has a consistent A- rating from A.M. Best, meaning they have excellent financial ratings. 

This company says they offer online insurance quotes; however, you must provide an email address, and the chances are good that you will be asked to accept either an email or telephone call with your completed quote. Learn more at our review of OOIDA Truck Insurance Review


GEICO is an acronym meaning Government Employees Insurance Company. GEICO, like Progressive, offers both private automobile insurance and commercial policies. GEICO advertises that you can get truck insurance quotes online. However, unlike Progressive, they aren’t available to you 24/7. They offer extended business hours, though, with the close of business being 8:00 pm most days, and they’re also open on Saturdays. Learn more at our review of Geico Commercial Truck Insurance.


Nationwide is a more traditional automobile insurance company. Their website says, “go online or give your agent a call to start the quoting process,” so you can at least begin a truck insurance quote online. Typically, when a carrier phrases their quote process in that manner, you will call to finish the process. However, we didn’t go all the way through the process of getting a quote, but we did verify that you can start the process online. 


SimplyBusiness is an online insurance broker. You input your information into their online form, and they then shop for the best rates for you, typically returning three quotes for you to review. This means that they will gather multiple quotes for you, and then you choose between them or take your business elsewhere. 

Once you’ve reviewed the quotes they provide, you can then either choose to purchase one of those policies, start a new quote in hopes of getting different results, or take your search elsewhere. 

They are able to provide several commercial truck insurance quotes, sometimes online, sometimes on the phone. You can definitely start the process online and compare several quotes online or on the phone with their agents.

How do I know I’m getting a cheap truck insurance quote online? 

If you’re searching for truck insurance quotes online, you may want to know how to choose the appropriate quote. Here are some tips for choosing the right and cheap insurance quotes for your truck insurance. 

  • Know the state and federal regulations. Knowledge is power, and if you know what you need, you will better understand the quotes you are getting. Learn more at commercial truck insurance requirements in different states
  • Compare comparable coverages. It’s the old compare apples to apples advice. You want to compare deductibles that are the same and limits that are the same, so you will know which company is offering the better value. Learn more about different truck insurance coverages below.
  • Save money where you can, but don’t scrimp on coverage. In other words, get the amount of coverage you need, but don’t be afraid to ask about discounts. Many companies offer them for bundling coverages, having a safe driving record, or even for having payments automatically draft from your bank account. 

These are three basic tips for getting a good deal on your truck insurance quotes online. 

What information do you need to get a truck insurance quote online?

As an example, Progressive asked us:

  • If we were currently insured with Progressive
  • USDOT number (if we had one)
  • How business is structured (sole proprietor, LLC, partnership, etc)
  • Business type
  • Birthdate
  • Types of vehicles to be insured
  • Year, make, and model
  • Is the vehicle used for sightseeing tours
  • Is there a loan on the vehicle
  • Is the vehicle used to transport seasonal farmworkers
  • Is the vehicle used for business, personal, or both
  • Is there collision insurance on the vehicle
  • Any accidents or violations in the past five years?
  • Would you like to enroll in Snapshot savings?

Some companies claim to offer online quotes for commercial trucking, but when we tried it, we were told to call. It’s possible that’s because we didn’t have supporting documents or USDOT numbers, but usually, it’s more difficult to get a quote for commercial trucking insurance online than it is for other types of business insurance. 

What are the truck insurance coverages?

Commercial truck insurance is more complex than commercial auto or personal auto insurance. There are several coverages in truck insurance, some are required by state and federal regulations, some are not. Below are the most important truck insurance coverages that you might need to have.

Trucking primary liability

Trucking primary liability is the most important coverage in truck insurance. When people say “commercial truck insurance”, it is likely that they refer to this coverage. This coverage is required by all state and federal laws. If you drive a truck, you must have this coverage. The coverage includes two main liability coverages: bodily injury liability and property damage liability

Bodily injury liability

This covers you if the tow truck driver causes injuries to another person or people in an at-fault accident. The amount of coverage that is required varies from state to state, but every state requires some bodily injury coverage. 

Property damage liability

This covers you for physical damages to someone else’s property, but not any cars you may be towing. For that, you need on-hook towing coverage.

On-hook towing coverage

If you are in towing business, you might need on-hook towing coverage. On-hook towing coverage provides protection for damages that occur to a vehicle while it’s being towed. It covers damages due to fire, collision, theft, or vandalism. However, it does not apply to any vehicles you own (personal or owed by the company). In other words, you can’t collect if you damage your personal vehicle while you’re towing it somewhere. 

Bobtail and non-trucking liability insurance

Bobtail insurance covers you when you drive your truck without a trailer attached to it and get involved in an accident. You should seriously consider having this coverage when you lease on your truck to a motor carrier and drive under their authorities since the coverage provided to you by them doesn’t include bobtail coverage. Learn more at bobtail insurance cost and the best bobtail insurance companies.

Non-trucking liability insurance covers you when you drive your drive for personal purposes and during non-working hours, regardless if a trailer is attached to your truck or not. It can be confusing between bobtail insurance and non-trucking liability insurance. Learn more here and which one you should have.

Motor truck cargo coverage

Truck cargo insurance protects the cargo you haul in your truck. It pays for any damages and loss to the cargo. It can also pay for the cost for cleaning and other related damages that the cargo causes such as oil spill on the streets. This coverage is usually required by the brokers or shippers to protect their cargo. They might not sign the transportation contract until you show the proof of this coverage. Learn more at the best motor truck cargo insurance companies.

Trucking physical damage insurance

This coverage pays for reparation and replacement of your truck. It is usually not required by any party. However, it protects the most essential asset of your livelihood, so you should have it. It can include both collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage only pays to repair or replace your truck only if it is damaged in a collision regardless whose fault it is. Comprehensive coverage will always pay to repair or replace your truck if it is damaged for other reasons such as trees fall, weather-related incidents, animals. Of course it wont cover if the damages are caused by your intentional acts. Learn more at the best trucking physical damage insurance companies.

Trucking general liability insurance

Another increasing popular coverage for tow truck companies is trucking general liability. This protects tow truck companies from lawsuits by their customers if they have bodily injuries or property damages caused by the operations of the tow truck companies. If their customers are injured in the garage of tow truck companies and decide to use, trucking general liability insurance will protect tow truck companies from such a lawsuit. Learn more at the best trucking general liability insurance companies.

Workers comp insurance for truckers

If you hire drivers as full-time employees, you are required by laws to provide them with workers comp insurance. Workers comp insurance protects employees when they are injured or become ill while being at work. It pays for the medical costs, lost wages, disability benefits, or even death benefits if employees are injured at work. Learn more at the best workers comp insurance for truckers.

Occupational accident insurance for truckers

Most drivers of tow truck companies are hired as independent contractors. By laws, tow truck companies are not required to provide workers comp insurance for independent contractors. However, trucking is a high-risk business. The chance for your drivers to get injured is significantly higher than other industries. Many tow truck companies choose to provide their drivers with occupational accident coverage. Occupational accident insurance is a lighter form, or less comprehensive, of workers comp insurance. It is usually half of the price of workers comp insurance. Owner operator truckers usually buy this coverage to protect themselves as well. Learn more at the best occupational accident insurance for truckers.

Quotes are available online for which truck insurance coverages?

It is likely that you will be able to find the truck insurance quotes online for the following coverages:

  • Trucking primary liability insurance
  • Trucking general liability insurance
  • Trucking physical damage insurance
  • Occupational accident insurance

The quotes for other coverages are not likely available online since either they have to be sold as endorsements to the main policy or they require a lot more details for insurance companies to provide a quote.


In the digital age, more companies are offering truck insurance quotes online. In the past, to find suitable insurance coverage, you would have spent hours on the telephone or pounding the pavement going from agency to agency. Now, with a 10 to 15-minute online session, you can get a quote and often purchase your insurance coverage from the comfort of your own home.

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