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The 6 Best Massage Insurance Companies & Costs

Massage insurance is such a specialized type of product, you might not even think about carrying it. However, like just about any profession, you could be liable if something goes wrong. For instance, you could give a massage and someone could come back claiming that they have pain after seeing you that wasn’t there before. That’s where massage insurance comes in handy. So below we’ll look at how this product works, where to find it, and how much it costs.

Top 6 Providers of Massage Insurance

Massage insurance is interesting because many of its plans are offered through professional organizations. That means you’re often getting the benefits of the organization as a member, as well as having access to insurance products built for massage therapists.  

However, that doesn’t mean you absolutely have to join an organization just to find massage insurance. You can also find business insurance that works for massage professionals, as well.

CoverWallet: Best for comparing online quotes

If you are interested in comparing several quotes online to select the best and the cheapest one for you, you might want to start with CoverWallet. They are a digital broker. They work with several insurance companies and are able to pull quotes from these companies for you to compare in one place.

You can choose to compare quotes of professional liability insurance and general liability insurance since these are the two most popular insurance policies that a massage therapist needs.

CoverWallet also offers several great digital features so that you can manage your policies conveniently. You can download the certificate of insurance, renew the policy, and file a claim in a min on their digital dashboard.

CoverWallet is a subsidiary of Aon, one of the largest business insurance brokers in the world, they have good financial backing. They also earn excellent consumer ratings (A).

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus – Best Comprehensive Coverage

The fact that this company advertises itself as a magazine can be a little off-putting. But it also offers one of the most comprehensive insurance plans in the massage therapy industry, which is issued by the Healthcare Professionals Purchasing Group. As our example policy, we covered above what the plans all entail and what you can expect for costs. The company also has additional member benefits, like industry discounts.  

American Massage Therapy Association: Affordable Coverage and Professional Member Benefits

Another way to source plans is to find them through professional organizations, such as the American Massage Therapy Association. This organization offers liability insurance to massage therapists for only $20 per month when they become members.  

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals: Liability Insurance Included in Membership Benefits

Like the option above, this is another situation where you join a professional organization. Once you join, you get the perks of being a member of the organization, plus you get massage insurance through the group. You pay the $199 per year membership fee and get liability insurance. And if you have a claim, you talk to the organization, not an insurance company. You can also add business personal property insurance to protect equipment. 

Hiscox – General Liability For Small Business

Hiscox is one of the biggest names in small business insurance. So it would make sense that it has a page detailing specific coverage for massage therapists. However, unlike the specialized products above, the company offers more general small business products that can be applied to a massage therapy business. It specifically recommends you get professional liability insurance and general liability insurance as a massage therapist.  

The quote system also allows you to select a business owners policy, which covers general liability and business equipment. We chose general and professional liability for a sole proprietor massage therapist with no employees and $50,000 in annual gross sales. It gave us a $71.91 per month or an $863 annual quote.                

Beauty & Bodywork Insurance – Most Affordable

This company specializes in insurance for the beauty and bodywork industry, as the name suggests. As such, you can find a personalized massage insurance plan that works for your business. The plans focus on covering against liability claims. They can also cover products and completed operations, and even inland marine insurance. The company advertises that rates start at $96 per year, making it the most affordable on the list.

How Much Does Massage Insurance Cost?

Costs can of course vary, based on how much coverage you choose to have and the types of coverage you select. As an example, Massage Magazine Insurance Plus gives a basic price quote of a $159 per year fee for professionals. This can cover:

As you can see, it’s important to review what your annual premium is all covering for massage insurance.  

Limits are also an important consideration, as many plans will cover millions of dollars in per incident and aggregate limits, many differing by millions of dollars. It’s common to see $2 million to $6 million in per limit or aggregate amounts.  

Some facets of the plans will also come with deductibles. For instance, the stolen equipment part of Massage Magazine Insurance Plus’ plan has a $250 deductible. This is important to keep in mind, as it means the amount you’ll pay out of pocket for coverage to take effect.

Compare Massage Insurance Quotes Through a Comparison Site

To find massage insurance through a comparison site and see how that process goes, we went with CoverWallet. We selected general and professional liability, since that’s what so many other massage insurance companies tend to cover. We entered a 3-year-old business with $50,000 in annual revenue. We labeled it as a sole proprietorship. Then, we were able to list ourselves as massage therapists. We got the following quotes:

What is Massage Insurance?

Massage insurance is an umbrella term that covers the type of business insurance a massage therapist should carry. Under this insurance type, you’re typically covered in terms of professional liability and general liability.  

Professional liability is sometimes labeled as malpractice liability in relation to massage therapists, according to Massage Magazine Insurance Plus, a major insurer of massage therapists. This covers you in the event that someone claims harm in relation to the services you performed.  

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General liability offers broader coverage against a wide variety of damages and injuries. It’s often called “trip and fall” insurance because it’s common for people to know it as the insurance type that covers people when they fall in a building and sue the business owner.       

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You might also find other specialty products for massage therapists, like rental damage coverage and stolen equipment coverage. Basically, if it affects a massage therapy office, you could find coverage for it. 

Some types of massage therapy insurance also require that you have a certain number of hours logged as a professional, certified or practitioner massage therapist to qualify for coverage, so that’s an important aspect to keep in mind.

Final Thoughts

  • Massage insurance is an important product to carry, since it can cover you against a wide variety of liability claims and property losses.
  • Costs range all over the board, depending on the amount of coverage you select or what type of coverage you opt for.
  • You can either get your coverage through a professional massage therapy organization or companies that offer insurance for small businesses and massage professionals.
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