9 Best General Liability Insurance Companies for 2024

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General liability insurance is probably the most popular business insurance that almost all businesses should have. It is required for some professions such as construction. The good news is that many insurance companies offer this product, so it is easy to find one that is the best for your business. In our intensive research, here are the 10 best general liability insurance companies for your consideration.

The 9 best general liability insurance companies

Almost all business insurance companies and digital brokers offer general liability insurance. That can make it confusing trying to find the best one for your specific situation. We research more than 50 companies to come up with the list of the top 9 providers of general liability insurance below:

  • Simply Business: Best for finding low-cost coverage
  • Certainly Insurance: Best for reasonable rates and backed by a reputable company
  • Next Insurance: Best for the overall great digital experience and affordable rates
  • CoverWallet: Best for comparing several quotes online from top-rated carriers
  • Tivly: Best if you prefer working with an experienced agent
  • Hiscox: Best for offering the cheapest price for tiny businesses
  • The Hartford: Best for customer service
  • InsurePro: Best for affordable short-term coverage
  • Smart Financial: Best for low-cost minimum coverage

Simply Business: Best for finding low-cost coverage

Simply Business is an insurance brokerage. They are not an insurance company. Rather, they pull quotes from their partners to provide you with business insurance. In theory, you can compare the top three or four quotes and then choose the best one. However, as you can see here, sometimes they only return quotes from one company.

This quote is for an IT consulting firm in Ohio with $500,000 in revenue a year. There are a lot of questions you need to answer about your business, so your results may vary.


  • Best if you want to look for the cheapest coverage by comparing several quotes in one place
  • They work with several carriers who tend to offer cheap coverage, which may not be accessible otherwise
  • Great customer service support
  • Easy to get quotes online and buy a policy online within a few mins


  • If you prefer buying coverage from a particular company that they don’t work with, you have to look elsewhere
  • You have to fill a claim directly with the carrier. They don’t handle claim filing

Certainly Insurance: Best for reasonable rates backed by a reputable company

Certainly Insurance is backed by Liberty Mutual. They are actually a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual. They offer business insurance for many different industries. 

This quote is for an independent contractor business in Ohio with $500,000 in revenue. To purchase insurance, you need to create an account and enter your debit or credit card information. You can also choose how you’d like to pay: monthly, quarterly, or annually. 

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  • A great digital experience offered by one of the most reputable names in the insurance world, Liberty Mutual
  • Rates tends to be reasonable and competitive
  • Great customer support both online and on phone


  • Coverage may not be available in some industries. In these cases, they will refer you to Liberty Mutual
  • Filing a claim may take longer than expected

Next Insurance: Best for an overall great digital experience and affordable rates

Next Insurance is an online insurance company geared toward entrepreneurs and small businesses. Completely online, Next offers free monthly payments and 24/7 access. Next uses new technology to quickly find you the best quotes, and can create custom policies for your small business. In addition, they have one of the fastest online quote generators of any insurance company online. If you’re starting a small business, Next Insurance could be your best bet. 


  • Great digital experience from quoting to buying a policy and managing it online
  • In many cases, especially for different types of contractors, CoverWallet is the only company offering online quotes
  • Affordable rates
  • Backed by Munich Re., one of the top names in the insurance industry


  • A relatively new company, without a long track record yet
  • Rates are very competitive for general liability insurance but may be a bit more expensive for other coverages

CoverWallet: Best for comparing online quotes from top-rated carriers

CoverWallet is a digital business insurance broker that sells all kinds of business insurance. They are not an insurance company themselves, but after you put in all of your information, they will offer quotes from their partners. If you want a quote from someone other than their partners, you’re out of luck. 

CoverWallet is very easy to use and it will generate a quote in a matter of minutes. This quote is for an IT consutling firm located in Ohio with $500,000 in annual revenue. 

After buying a policy with CoverWallet, you can use their digital dashboard to manage all of your business insurance policies in one place conveniently.


  • One of the best online quoting experiences. You will get several quotes after a few mins
  • Only work with top-rated carriers. If you get a quote and buy a policy on CoverWallet, you can rest assured you are buying it from a reputable company
  • After buying a policy, you can manage the policy completely digitally on their dashboard


  • Rates can be higher than those on the other platforms
  • In some cases, online quotes may not be available for comparison. You can still compare them on the phone

Tivly: Best if you prefer working with an experienced agent

Tivly is another digital business insurance broker. They can get you a quote online, but then to actually buy the insurance policy, one of their agents will call you. When you enter your information, it will list all the companies that offer business insurance in your state (in this case, Ohio). From there, you can click “get a quote” and it will bring you to the company websites. 

Alternatively, you can just call them to discuss your situation with an experienced agent. Business insurance in general and general liability insurance for businesses can be a bit complicated. If you are new to buying business insurance, speaking to an agent quickly might be helpful. If you prefer that, Tivly is a good option.


  • An extensive network of knowledgeable and experienced agents
  • Provide coverage to businesses of all sizes and in any industries
  • Best for businesses that are new to buying business insurance. and need some help in this process


  • Limited digital capabilities. You can’t get quotes or buy a policy online. You have to work with their agents
  • Can be a bit inconvenient if you try to compare several quotes quickly since you have to work with several agents

Hiscox: Best for offering the cheapest price to the tiny businesses

Hiscox offers general liability insurance, with special rates for small businesses. They insure a wide range of professions, and have a handy rate calculator on their website so you’ll be able to get a quote quickly. Hiscox is known for their competitive quote prices. A sample quote for a hot dog stand business was about $600 annually, or $47 a month. If your company is tiny, Hiscox could be your best bet. They have a Small Business unit dedicated especially to working with small businesses with fewer than ten employees, and have an “A” rating by A.M. Best, a national credit ratings company.



  • The pioneer in offering small business insurance online
  • Provide coverage for a wide range of industries
  • Great digital experience from a reputable insurance company who have been around for 100+ years


  • Only offer general liability and professional liability coverage. Other coverages that small businesses may need are not available
  • Coverage limits may be lower than other options. Make sure you pay attention to coverage limits when you compare with other options

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The Hartford: Best for customer service

The Hartford ranked best overall on several business lists, The Hartford offers good rates for small businesses, skilled specialists, and discounts when you bundle several insurance policies together. The Hartford was given an “A+” rating by Standard and Poor’s, a financial services company, and also has a dedicated small business unit. You’ll likely have to call The Hartford to get a quote for your business, but they have a skilled team of representatives ready to answer your questions.


  • One of the most reputable and ethical insurance companies in the world
  • With one of the best track record of having insured more than 1 million small businesses in the past 200+ years
  • Excellent financial strength and customers satisfaction
  • Comprehensive coverage for businesses of any size


  • Have to work with an agent to buy your policy
  • Rates can be higher than other options

InsurePro: Best for affordable short-term coverage

InsurePro is another insurance brokerage. Their differentiation is that they offer short-term coverage for small businesses. If you only need general liability insurance coverage for a few days, a few weeks, or for a particular project, getting a policy from InsurePro will save you a lot of money.

InsurePro also offers a great digital experience. Within a few minutes, you should be able to get an online quote from them. They also offer customer service through chat or phone.


  • Coverage for a short period like a few days or a few weeks available
  • Affordable rates
  • Great digital experience. Getting quotes and buying a policy in a few mins
  • Certificate of insurance available digitally immediately


  • Relatively new brokerage, not having a long track record yet
  • Policies are issued by other carriers. If you need to file a claim, you have to do that directly with the carrier

Smart Financial: Best for low-cost minimum coverage

Smart Financial is another brokerage firm. They have been serving small businesses for more than a decade. They specialize in helping small businesses with a tight budget get the minimum coverage that is usually required by their clients. Smart Financial will shop around with a dozen of carriers and find the cheapest policy with minimum coverage only for you. You can rest assured that you don’t overpay for your coverage with Smart Financial.


  • A brokerage specializes in serving small businesses for decades
  • Experience in finding the cheapest rates for small businesses who only need minimum coverage
  • Great digital experience and customer service support on the phone


  • Some carriers they work with may not be as well-known. However, they all have the excellent financial strength
  • They only offer general liability, commercial auto insurance, and workers comp. If you need other business insurance coverage, you may need to look elsewhere

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What does general liability insurance cover?

General liability insurance is the most basic part of business insurance. It covers:

Third party bodily injury:

This covers claims from any customers who get hurt while on your property (or if they trip over something you own, such as tools). For example, if your business operates a cafeteria and if customer slips and falls in your store due to a wet floor, they can sue you for bodily injury. The general liability insurance policy will pay for legal defense cost, medical cost for the client, and any settlement amount from the lawsuit.

Third party damage:

If you or one of your employees accidentally damage a client’s property, you could be sued for damages. General liability covers you for that. 

For example, if you are handyman and you help your client paint a wall in her house. If you accidentally break something valuable in her house while doing the painting job, she can sue you for damaging her property. However the result of the lawsuit is, the general liability insurance policy will cover that 100%.

Reputational harm:

If someone accuses you of something (often via social media) you can sue them and general liability insurance will cover your legal costs. 

Advertising injury:

This covers copyright infringement. For example, if a photo of your business appears in someone else’s ad.

It’s important to understand general liability does not cover you if your employees are injured while working for you: you’ll need workers compensation insurance for that. It doesn’t cover you if one of your employees steals a customer’s property. It doesn’t cover you if you damage your own property (commercial property insurance is what you’ll need for those claims).

How much does general liability insurance cost?

The average cost of general liability insurance is only about $42 per month, or $504 per year. Most small businesses pay between $300 to $5,000 a year for their general liability insurance policy. Construction workers and contractors pay the most, around $4,820 per year, and photographers and videographers pay the least, around $326 per year.

Make sure you shop around with a few companies to compare quotes before buying your policy. Working with a digital broker like Simply Business, Smart Financial, Tivly, or CoverWallet is a good way to get and compare several quotes in one place conveniently.

What factors affect the cost of general liability insurance?

How much  you pay for general liability insurance depends on things like:

  • Type of work you do
  • Location
  • Claims history
  • Revenue

How to find cheap general liability insurance?

Below are a few tips to find cheap general liability insurance:

Compare several quotes to find the cheapest policy

The only way to find the best and cheapest quote for your business is to shop around and compare several quotes.

The mistake most people make is to do that once and stop. Even after getting the best bargain, you still need to find another one. Insurance companies frequently change their rates. So, when it comes time to renew, make sure you shop around again to find the best deal for your company.

Working with a top broker like Simply Business, CoverWallet, or Smart Financial is a good way to get and compare several quotes in one place. 

Utilize discounts and offers

Insurers always have discounts and offers for their clients. If they don’t mention it to you, you need to ask. Whether you’re buying online or through an agent, there is always some discount.  

Good insurance companies always have a list of discounts on their websites where you can check if you qualify. Make sure you take advantage of any of those discounts available to your company. 

Bundle the policies to reduce costs

Bundling policies can reduce general liability insurance costs by allowing the insurer to package the policies together and offer a lower price. If your business also needs workers comp and commercial auto insurance, you may want to bundle them with a general liability policy. 

Additionally, bundling can make it easier for the insured to manage their insurance coverage as all of their policies will be under one policy number.

Implement workplace safety protocols and practices

Safety protocols and practices at a workplace can affect general liability insurance costs in a few ways. One way is that if a company has a strong safety record, it may be rewarded with lower rates on its insurance policy. Additionally, if a company has implemented specific safety protocols and practices, this may also help reduce the likelihood of an accident or injury happening, and subsequently lower premiums. Finally, if a company experiences an accident or injury, having strong safety protocols in place may help to reduce the number of damages sought by the injured party.

Learn more at the cheapest general liability insurance companies

What types of businesses are required to have general liability insurance?

General liability insurance is not usually required by law, unless you work in construction. In this case, some states do require that you have it in order to be licensed (see the 6 best construction insurance companies). Furthermore, most clients will want their contractors and developers to have general liability insurance. 

If you don’t work in construction, getting general liability insurance is certainly a good idea, but it’s not required. General liability insurance is the most common business insurance type. However, some states do require other types of commercial insurance such as workers compensation insurance. Check with your state to see what the laws are. 

We research to find the best general liability insurance companies for each popular profession and highlight them below for your easy reference. Click on the profession name to learn more:

Contractors LLCs Sole proprietors 
Commercial trucking business Handymen Restaurants 

General liability insurance for contractors

General contractors need general liability insurance because construction sites are places where it’s easy for customers and even passersby to injure themselves. Also, many states and most clients will require you to have it. Our top picks for general liability insurance for contractors can be found here

General liability insurance for LLCs

Even though your business assets and your personal assets are now separate, it’s still a good idea to get general liability insurance as an LLC. General liability will cover your legal costs in case you are sued, and it’s not that expensive. The average small business owner pays just $42 a month, so it’s worth the money. Read more about it here.

General liability insurance for sole proprietors

When you first go into business for yourself, you’re probably a sole proprietor. It’s the easiest way to set up a new business. It means that you and your business are one and the same, tax-wise, liability-wise and profits-wise. In spite of what some people think, you are not limited to being the only person in your company—a sole proprietor can hire employees, just like anyone else. The type of work you do has more of an effect on how much you pay for general liability insurance, rather than how your business is structured. 

Simply Business, CoverWallet, and Tivly are all good places to get a quote. You’ll be asked:

  • What type of work you do (in most cases, there’s a dropdown menu)
  • Where the business is located
  • How many years of experience in your industry
  • Does your business operate from your home?
  • How many locations your business has
  • Legal structure of your business
  • Number of employees (including yourself)
  • Anticipated revenue
  • Expected payroll
  • Whether you deal with subcontractors
  • Previous coverage
  • Claims history

The following quote is for an accounting business in California with $100,000 in revenue. 

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General liability insurance for handymen

Handymen need general liability insurance. Since you go into people’s homes, you’ll want protection in case you accidentally damage Aunt Martha’s antique console table or your customer trips over an extension cord. It’s not usually required, but it is handy.

Most handymen pay between $360 and $1,000 a year, with those offering power washing or roof repairs paying a bit more.  

If you’re looking for quotes, Next insurance is a great place for a full-time handyman.

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If you only need insurance for part-time or seasonal work, Thimble will let you get insurance for as little or as long as you need. 

General liability insurance for restaurants

Restaurants need general liability insurance, as the chances that a customer will somehow injure themselves while eating in your restaurant are pretty high. So many people go in and out, and if alcohol is involved, that just increases the likelihood. 

General liability will also protect you from customer property damage and advertising injuries. Furthermore, it’s usually required if you lease a space. 

If you’re shopping around for general liability insurance for a restaurant, you could go to Insureon and they can retrieve some quotes for you. This is for a fine dining Asian fusion restaurant in Connecticut with $1,000,000 in revenue.

As you can see, quotes vary dramatically, so it’s important to shop around. 

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The best general liability insurance for a commercial trucking business

In addition to commercial truck insurance, you’ll need trucking general liability insurance as well. If a customer accidentally injures themselves or if you cause third party property damage, you’ll need general liability insurance to cover your legal costs. 

Depending on how much revenue you generate, companies such as Progressive or biBERK could be worth a look. 

Best general liability insurance companies by states

Insurance is a very state-specific business. An insurance company might be licensed in one state, but not the others. Some insurance company might offer the best price in one state, but their prices are not competitive in the other states.

When it comes to finding the best general liability insurance companies in a particular state, we need to research among the companies that are licensed in such state only. Below are the best general liability insurance companies in the selected states that we cover. Click on the state name to learn more:

California Texas Florida
New York New Jersey Colorado 
North Carolina GeorgiaIllinois 
Massachusetts MarylandOhio
Louisiana Oklahoma Virginia 
ArizonaMinnesota Indiana
South CarolinaUtah

General liability insurance in California

California only requires general liability insurance for contractors. However, that doesn’t mean you should go without it if you’re another line of work. If you’re shopping for general liability insurance in California, you can read more here

General liability insurance in Texas

If you live in Texas, you know that general liability insurance isn’t required but it’s still a good idea. It’s pretty affordable, and since a lawsuit could potentially costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s worth the investment. Read about the best general liability companies in Texas here

General liability insurance in Florida

Florida offers small business owners plenty of sunshine and tax advantages. On the downside, residents of Florida are extremely litigious, so you’re going to want general liability insurance to protect yourself from lawsuits, frivolous and otherwise. We recommend these companies as being the top picks for general liability insurance in Florida. 

General liability insurance in New Jersey

New Jersey is pretty small business friendly, offering several financing programs and tax advantages for owners. General liability insurance is still a must, though. Here are the top six providers of general liability insurance we recommend to small business owners in New Jersey. 

General liability insurance in New York

Even though it’s not required, savvy small business owners in New York know that general liability insurance is a must. Contractors are required to have it, but even if you’re not a contractor, it makes sense to have general liability insurance. It protects you against lawsuits from third-party injuries and third-party property damage. Here are the top five providers of general liability insurance in New York.  

General liability insurance in Colorado

Colorado was recently ranked the 9th best state for business by Forbes, and the second best state to start a business in. Some of the top industries in Colorado include aerospace, advanced engineering, creative industries, defense and energy. Colorado has a lower cost of living than many states, as well as access to wide open spaces, mountain peaks, and trendy urban centers. 

With business booming, you’ll want to get general liability insurance. Colorado is a fault state, the cap for non-economic damages is $468,010, but it can be increased to $936,030 if the court finds evidence to support such an increase.  Just some of the best companies for general liability insurance in Colorado include:

  • The Harford
  • Hiscox
  • Next
  • CoverWallet

Remember to shop around to get the best price. Working with a digital broker like CoverWallet can help make the price comparison a bit easier since they can provide several quotes from the companies that they work with.

General liability insurance in North Carolina

The business outlook for North Carolina shows that small businesses are feeling more confident—almost as confident as they were before the pandemic. There’s no doubt that North Carolina small businesses are on the road to recovery. Don’t let a lack of general liability insurance derail your business. 

There are many good insurance companies to obtain quotes from in North Carolina, with these being our top three:

  • CoverWallet – best to compare online quotes
  • Hiscox
  • The Hartford

General liability insurance in Georgia

Georgia has been ranked the number one state for business by Site Selection Magazine for the seventh year in a row. They have a workforce training program called Georgia Quick Start, which means whatever small business you launch in Georgia you’ll have no trouble finding good employees. 

You’ll want to obtain business insurance for your small business, general liability insurance at the very least. There are many good providers of general liability insurance in Georgia. Here are our recommendations for the top 3 providers in Georgia:

  • CoverWallet
  • Hiscox
  • Progressive Commercial

CoverWallet and Simply Business can simplify your process, as they gather quotes from top providers and you can just pick the one that suits your needs. 

General liability insurance in Illinois

Illinois is not the most business friendly states out there. Thanks to high property taxes, high unemployment insurance and high corporate taxes, business owners in Illinois face some challenges. Still, businesses with 50 employees or fewer power most of the job growth in Illinois. 

While Illinois makes workers compensation insurance mandatory if you have even one employee, it does not actually require you to have general liability insurance. However, most small businesses should get a general liability policy because accidents happen. Luckily, you have some options. Here are our recommendations for the top 3 providers of general liability insurance in Illinois:

  • CoverWallet
  • Hiscox
  • The Hartford

All of these companies can provide you with general liability insurance in Illinois. Make sure you shop around before you settle on a policy. 

General liability insurance in Massachusetts

Massachusetts features ongoing economic growth for all companies, tech and biotech especially. Home to over a hundred colleges and universities, Massachusetts can offer any small business owner a well-educated workforce. You’ll want to be aware of the seemingly endless list of regulations and red tape you need to comply with, but one thing is for sure: general liability insurance is a must. On the plus side, being located so close to Hartford, CT (the insurance capital of the world) means there are many companies to choose from when it comes to getting a quote. Here are our recommendations of the top 3 providers of general liability insurance in Massachusetts.

  • CoverWallet
  • Travelers
  • biBERK

Take the time to shop around: it could save you hundreds of dollars. 

General liability insurance in Maryland

If you’re wondering about doing business in Maryland, you should know they recently jumped 19 spots—up to number 12—on CNBC’s list of America’s best states for business. Clearly, things are improving dramatically in the Old Line State. Maryland has over 600,000 small businesses, and if you’re one of them, you should consider getting a general liability insurance policy. Most small business owners say if you’re only going to get one type of business insurance, it should be general liability insurance. Here are our recommendations of the top 3 providers of general liability insurance in Maryland.

  • CoverWallet
  • Nationwide
  • Next

CoverWallet can really trim down the time it takes to shop for a policy, since they pull quotes from many insurance companies. If you hate to shop for insurance, CoverWallet should be your first stop. 

General liability insurance in Ohio

Small businesses in Ohio will appreciate Ohio’s efforts to make the Buckeye state a more business-friendly place. They enacted $5 billion in tax cuts and created many tax deductions for small businesses to fuel growth and keep the economy moving. Small business make up 98% of the Ohio business landscape, so you’re in good company if you start a business in Ohio. Ohio offers small businesses the 8th best tax climate to do business in. 

Still, if you own a small business in Ohio, you should prepare for the unexpected by getting general liability insurance. Here are our recommendations of the top 3 general liability insurance companies in Ohio.

  • CoverWallet
  • The Hartford
  • Thimble

If you want to shop for business insurance as quickly as possible, consider CoverWallet or a similar digital broker like Simply Business or commercialinsurance.net. It will allow you to compare online quotes from several insurance companies, so you don’t have to go from website to website. 

General liability insurance in Louisiana

Louisiana has been one of the top ten states for best business climate for the past ten years. What makes it so great? A highly skilled workforce, infrastructure investment, and strong economic growth all combine to make starting a business in Louisiana a positive experience. Small businesses make up 53% of the private sector workforce in Louisiana. Small business owners continue to try to improve the small business climate through the Louisiana Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council. 

When you go to shop for general liability insurance in Louisiana, here are our recommendations of the top 3 providers in Louisiana:

  • Hiscox
  • Next
  • Commercialinsurance.net

Or you could go to a website like Simply Business or Coverwallet and let them find quotes for you. It could save you hundreds of dollars. 

General Liability Insurance in Oklahoma

Oklahoma boasts a lower cost of living than many states—as much as 40% lower. Oklahoma also offers cash incentives and tax credits for businesses considering a move there. Another perk is that Oklahoma’s energy costs are up to 22% lower than the rest of the country. And they have the second lowest tax burden for businesses. 

Small business owners in Oklahoma will still need general liability insurance, like all small business owners do. Here are a few companies we recommend getting a quote from and see more at the best general liability insurance companies in Oklahoma.

  • CoverWallet
  • Hiscox
  • Progressive Commercial

Make sure you take the time to shop around, as just a few hours of work could save you hundreds of dollars.

General liability insurance in Virginia

According to CNBC, Virginia is the top state for business in 2021. They have a strong workforce and a good education system. Virginia takes pride in nurturing talent, and almost 39% of the workforce has a bachelor’s degree or higher. They also have recovered nicely from the pandemic and will continue to foster economic growth. Small businesses in Virginia employ 1.6 million workers, over 47% of the state’s workforce. 

If you are a small business owner in Virginia, you’ll need general liability insurance so you don’t bankrupt yourself over an unforeseen accident. There companies are worth a look and see more at the best general liability insurance companies in Virginia.

  • Chubb
  • Next
  • The Hartford

Get quotes from at least three companies before you sign up for a policy. 

General Liability insurance in Arizona

It’s no secret that smaller businesses have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. However, Arizona continues to see population growth, with many people attracted to the warm climate. Arizona is known as “the startup state” for its attractive business climate as well. 

Population growth is expected to be the third fastest in the country up until at least 2023, which is good news if you’re starting a business. Another bit of good news is that up to 70% of Arizona residents are from somewhere else, which means newcomers fit right in. 

General liability insurance is not required in Arizona, but smart business owners know it’s a good idea. Here are three companies we recommend getting quotes from, and see more at the best general liability insurance companies in Arizona.

  • Hiscox
  • Next
  • CoverWallet

Make sure you get at least three quotes, so you know you’re getting a good price. Shopping around can be time consuming, but it could save you hundreds of dollars. 

General liability insurance in Minnesota

Small businesses in Minnesota are on the rise, despite the pandemic. The economy is definitely well on its well to making a recovery, with the number of small businesses increasing 31%. The pandemic gave many people time to pause and reflect, and consider what they’d really like to be doing, and for many that was starting their own business. 

If you’ve recently started a small business, you’ll want to start shopping around for a general liability policy. You should consider getting a quote from these companies.

  • Insurance Brokers of Minnesota
  • Coverwallet
  • Thimble 

If you only need insurance for a day, or a week or a month, Thimble is a great choice. If you hate comparison shopping and hopping from website to website in search of quotes, Coverwallet can save you time by getting quotes for you. Either way, make sure you get several quotes before making a decision. 

General liability insurance in Indiana

Indiana boasts a low cost of living and great infrastructure. Thanks to several bills recently passed in the state senate, the tax burden on small businesses has been lightened to help with the post-pandemic recovery. Indiana ranks 5th for small businesses by Chief Executive magazine, citing its focus on innovation and tech. 

Small businesses in Indiana aren’t required to have general liability insurance, but it’s still a good idea. Think about getting a quote from these three companies. See more at the best general liability insurance companies in Indiana

  • The Hartford
  • Hiscox
  • CoverWallet

Comparison shopping may seem like a hassle, but it could save you money. Or you could use a website like CoverWallet, which will pull quotes from several insurance companies so you can compare. 

General liability insurance in South Carolina

South Carolina consistently ranks among the top five states to do business in according to Area Development magazine. South Carolina is situated between New York City and Miami, and boasts a pleasant climate, good infrastructure, and is home to over 500 international companies. However, small businesses are an integral part of South Carolina, home to over 400,000 small businesses. 

It’s important to get general liability insurance if you’re a small business owner. We recommend these three companies. Learn more at the best general liability insurance in South Carolina.

  • CoverWallet
  • Hiscox
  • The Hartford

As always, make sure to shop around a bit to make sure you’re getting a good price.

General liability insurance in Utah

Utah has finished in the top ten among the Best States for Business by Forbes magazine for the past ten years. A friendly tax structure, steady labor supply and one of the nation’s highest performing economies all contribute to Utah’s position as a great state for small businesses. 

Even post-pandemic, Utah’s economy is on an upswing and shows solid growth. That’s good news if you’re a small business owner. Utah also has the most reliable electric grid in the nation, so you won’t have to worry about losing power or access to the wifi. 

One thing you will need, though, is general liability insurance. It’s not required, it’s just a good idea. We recommend getting a quote from these companies:

  • Progressive
  • Hiscox
  • Biberk

Make sure you shop around to find the best price.

Last thoughts

If you learn nothing else from this article, keep these two things in mind: Yes, you do need general liability insurance, and you need to shop around to get the best price. Compare quotes from at least three companies. Once you have general liability insurance, you can move onto other concerns, like maximizing your profits.

Thang Truong

Thang Truong covers small business insurance and small business success at BravoPolicy. He is a licensed P&C insurance agent. Previously, he held product leadership positions at realtor.com, Capital One, NerdWallet, and Mulberry Technology. He holds a MBA degree from UC Berkeley - Haas School of Business.

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If you’re a small business and in the market for professional liability insurance, below are 11 best companies offering this type of insurance for small businesses. In order to get an idea of the prices where online quotes were offered, we looked at a hypothetical accounting business in Wisconsin that had been in business for […]

Milepost Joins Truckstop: A New Dawn for Commercial Truck Insurance

The trucking industry is about to witness a significant shift in how insurance policies are procured, managed, and serviced. Milepost Insurance Agency LLC, a renowned Berkshire Hathaway enterprise, has recently collaborated with Truckstop, thereby pioneering a new era in trucking insurance for independent owner-operators. Revolutionizing the Insurance Experience The primary aim behind this dynamic partnership […]

Navigating Commercial Truck Insurance Premiums in 2023

Commercial truck insurance has become a focal point for many in the transportation sector as we delve deeper into 2023. With premiums seeing significant spikes in recent years, stakeholders are asking: Are we approaching a stabilization or even a decrease in these rates? Insights from industry experts provide clarity on this critical concern. Trends in […]

Regulatory Changes and Rising Commercial Truck Insurance Costs in California

In the wake of the passing of California’s AB5 bill, the trucking industry, including drivers and insurers, face unforeseen challenges. The legislation threatens to severely disrupt contractual trucking gigs, leading to rising insurance costs and potential operational changes. AB5 – A Potential Setback for Owner-Operators AB5, signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom in 2019, […]

Finding Balance in Commercial Truck Insurance: Costs, Value, Services, and Long-Term Benefits

Navigating the maze of truck insurance offerings is not just a matter of finding the lowest price. It’s about understanding the nuances of what you’re buying, considering long-term benefits, and ensuring a harmonious relationship with your provider. This article offers a detailed examination of the process, unfolding the aspects of costs, value, services, honesty, and […]

New SEC Regulations on Cybersecurity and AI: A Comprehensive Overview

In an era where technology is at the forefront of business operations, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is taking decisive steps to ensure transparency and ethical practices. On Wednesday, the SEC was set to introduce new regulations that will impact publicly traded companies in two significant areas: cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI). These […]

6 Best Malpractice Insurance for Nurse Practitioners for 2023

Nurse practitioners have a great deal of responsibility when it comes to patient care. Many nurse practitioners assume that because they work under a doctor and their employer provides some level of malpractice insurance, they’re covered. It may be worth it to purchase your own policy, however. Employer malpractice insurance is to protect the employer, […]