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5 Best Commercial Truck Insurance Companies in Georgia

There are 62,500 truck drivers working for 32,000 trucking companies in Georgia. So many risks are associated with trucking companies such as accidents, theft, and unexpected truck troubles. Getting commercial truck insurance is important if you run a trucking business in Georgia. It is actually required in Georgia. Not only will commercial truck insurance help you handle costs for damages done to your truck, but it will also assist in handling costs associated with damage to other vehicles, and lawsuits related to injuries and deaths resulting from accidents.

Getting affordable commercial truck insurance in Georgia can be challenging, we have reviewed the top 5 for your consideration.

The 5 best commercial truck insurance companies in Georgia

We research several insurance companies offering commercial truck insurance in Georgia, and here are our recommendations of the 6 best providers, highlighting their pros and cons.

  • Progressive: Best overall for truckers in Georgia
  • CoverWallet: Best for commercial truck companies who want to compare quotes online
  • Travelers:  Best affordable for flexibility in commercial truck insurance in Georgia
  • Sentry: Best for Truckers in Georgia who want personalized service
  • The Hartford: Best for top-tier customer satisfaction to truckers in Georgia
  • Best for connecting with knowledgeable agents

Progressive: Best overall for truckers in Georgia

Progressive is the top commercial vehicle insurer and offers commercial truck insurance in almost all states in the US, including Georgia. If you own a trucking company looking to acquire commercial truck insurance, Progressive may be your best option as it offers a wide range of auto coverages which includes liability, comprehensive and collision, roadside assistance, and uninsured/underinsured policies.

It is also a good choice if you want to have access to premium packages without breaking the bank, they are known for their juicy discounts. No matter the number of trucks your company owns, Progressive can cover them.


  • Attractive discounts on a wide range of auto insurance coverage offer.
  • Customer support is always available 24/7/365


  • From customer reviews, we discovered that customer service may not be exceptional. Cases of long wait phone times, back and forth before a claim is paid were reported.
  • Rates may be slightly expensive for young drivers looking for affordable truck insurance rates.

Simply Business: Best for Georgia commercial truck companies who want to compare quotes online

Simply Business is an online insurance broker serving as an aggregator between businesses and insurance companies. They partnered with several commercial insurance companies, thereby giving you the luxury to compare quotes from these companies from one place.

To generate these quotes, you will be expected to provide some details about your trucking business.


  • Getting several quotes at once so that you can compare easily without wasting time to find different quotes at different insurance companies
  • Adding extra insureds or accessing proof of insurance is at no extra cost.
  • If you are not very familiar with online application processes, and prefer paper records or to work one on one with an agent, you can choose to speak to one of their licensed agent as well.
  • You can track and control your claims and policies on their website.


  • If you prefer a particular carrier that they don’t work with, you are out of luck

Travelers: Best for affordable commercial truck insurance in Georgia

Travelers is one of the top auto insurance companies in Georgia. Their rates are competitive for truck insurance coverages, and a flexible range of options are available to customize your truck insurance policy. Travelers is among the nation’s largest auto insurance companies, however, they don’t offer discounts as their competitors unless you buy their combo bundles.

Travelers have been providing services for over 165 years, if flexibility and strength are important to you, then you should consider Travelers.


  • Rates are more affordable when compared to other auto insurance companies.
  • Multiple coverage options for auto insurance


  • From user reviews, we discovered that customer satisfaction is poor.

Sentry: Best for truckers in Georgia who want personalized service

With over 100 years of experience, Sentry serves all 50 states in the US, including Georgia. Whether you have one truck or a fleet of trucks, be rest assured that Sentry is a good choice for your commercial truck coverages.

When compared with other recommended insurers, Sentry is small, which is why we think it is a good choice for a more personalized level of service especially if you have unique commercial truck insurance needs.

We love Sentry because of its flexible coverage options, an experienced claims team that knows the in and out of trucking, and its certified safety directors with more than 20 years of industry experience.


  • 24/7 claims reporting via online and phone.
  • An online portal where customers can get the help they need when they need it.
  • High AM Best rating. AM Best is a company that assesses insurers’ financial stability.


  • Not BBB-accredited
  • Quotes cannot be generated online, you will have to work through an agent.

The Hartford: Best for providing top-tier customer satisfaction to truckers in Georgia

One unique feature of the Hartford is its excellent customer satisfaction ratings. The Hartford made our list because they are known for to be one of the most ethical insurance companies in the world and their stellar reputation with long history of 200+ years insuring more than 1M small businesses, including trucking ones.

State Farm has been in business for more than 200 years, so it is a stable company. We love it because commercial truck coverage with them is stable and affordable.


  • Its claim process is simple, which comes in handy in getting trucks back on the road quickly after an accident.
  • A wide range of agents, so it is easy to find one in Georgia.


  • You can get a quote online, but you will still need to work with an agent to get coverage.
  • Their rates may not be the lowest. Best for connecting with knowledgeable agents

Trucking is a complicated business with high level of risks and several nuances. Each trucking business is different from one and another from the types of trucks, the types of cargo, different operations, etc. Getting appropriate trucking insurance coverage at the most affordable prices require working with agents with experience and expertise. And that is the reason why we love


  • A network of hundreds of agents who represent more than 50 trucking insurance companies
  • Agents are very knowledgeable and experienced in trucking business and trucking insurance
  • Able to compare several quotes without having to go to different insurance companies


  • You may not be able to get quotes online

What is commercial truck insurance?

Commercial truck insurance is an insurance policy type specifically made for truckers.  It covers trucking businesses, people who use trucks for work, or companies that use or lease trucks. Unlike commercial auto insurance, commercial truck insurance covers large vehicles that are often used in construction, contracting, warehousing, or hauling freight.

Even though commercial trucking insurance is typically purchased by the owner of the company, it insures the drivers, passengers, and any individuals harmed in an accident.

Commercial truck insurance requirements in Georgia

If you drive a truck for business or own a trucking company in Georgia, you are required by laws to have comercial truck insurance.

Here are the complete requirement guidelines for your reference. Some of the required coverage policies include bodily injury liability and property damage liability. There are also optional coverages you can choose from depending on your needs.

Georgia state law asks truck drivers and new ventures to have a certain amount of liability insurance. This of course will be determined by what freight you pull and where you pull it.

You also need to comply with all the DOT truck insurance requirements recommended by the FMCSA.

What types of trucks are covered by commercial truck insurance in Georgia?

Any type of truck can be covered by commercial truck insurance in Georgia. There are different coverages available for different types of trucks, this means that you may have to shop around until you find one that meets your needs.

These trucks mentioned below are some common types of trucks covered by most insurers:

  • Cement mixers
  • Tow trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Tractor-trailers
  • Box trucks
  • Semis
  • Pickup trucks

You may also want to know that a pickup truck can be covered by three different insurance. The one you choose depends on how and what you use it for. If you use it for personal purposes, personal auto coverage will serve.

If you use your pickup for everyday business purposes, a commercial auto coverage would do. However, if your pickup is part of a larger trucking fleet, it should be covered by a commercial truck policy.

How much does commercial truck insurance cost in Georgia?

The average cost of commercial truck insurance in Georgia, according to our research, is between $9,000 and $32,000 a year per vehicle. It all depends on the insurance company you choose, the purpose of the truck, etc.

This rate range can be impacted by several factors like what you haul, driver experience, years in business, and whether you drive beyond Georgia.

For example, the average annual commercial truck insurance cost may be up to $75,000 or more in coverage if it’s hauling non-hazardous freight.

Georgia is one of the states that require a USDOT number for certain conditions. See full guidelines here. Having a USDOT number can make commercial truck insurance costs higher.

What you can do is get multiple commercial truck insurance quotes for comparison so you can make the best choice.

Learn more at the cheapest commercial truck insurance companies.

How do I find cheap commercial truck insurance in Georgia?

Commercial truck insurance is required in Georgia, but you do not want to break the bank right? You can find affordable offers with these tips:

  • Compare different insurers: Check out different insurers online or offline to get quotes. With this, you can compare and choose the best that works for you.
  • Maintaining your commercial truck insurance coverage steadily. If you have gaps in your commercial truck insurance coverage, your premiums might increase as a result
  • Don’t sleep on discounts: If you also need other business insurance policies, you can have access to discounts. Most insurance companies offer bundles with at least a 4% discount.

What doesn’t commercial truck insurance cover?

Commercial trucking insurance does not cover intentional damages, for example, if you or any of your employees purposely damage your truck. This insurance will not also cover personal losses or theft of personal items such as:

  • Drugs
  • Money
  • Jewellery
  • Contraband
  • Live animal
  • Explosives

You can get some of these things covered by other insurance policies or a rider, however, contraband is not insurable.

Commercial truck insurance doesn’t cover your truckers’ injuries caused not by an accident. This is covered by workers comp insurance for truckers. Commercial truck insurance doesn’t cover you if your clients are injured in your parking lot and decide to sue it. That and other property damages would be covered by trucking general liability insurance.

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