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Cheap Box Truck Insurance Quotes, Cost, & Where to Buy

Box trucks, often referred to as straight trucks and by other names, are usually used to transport furniture, appliances, and other large items. Box trucks are lightweight and come in different sizes. If your business uses box trucks to transport goods, you’ll need to purchase box truck insurance coverage.

Depending on whether you own a box truck to haul your own goods or you’re a for-hire trucker, you may require different types of box truck insurance coverages. 

In this article, I’ll explain what you need to know to buy cheap box truck insurance, including:

Where to get cheap box truck insurance quotes?

There are several ways to buy box truck insurance. However, where you can buy cheap box truck insurance is a more difficult question, since hundreds of insurance companies sell box truck insurance and it isn’t always easy to navigate the complexities of box truck insurance coverages, costs, and different insurance companies.

We recommend the the following three options to get cheap box truck insurance quotes:

  • Progressive: The only carrier provides box truck insurance quotes online
  • Simply Business: Getting cheap box truck insurance by comparing several quotes
  • Getting cheap box truck insurance by working with knowledgeable agents

Progressive: Getting a box truck insurance quote online

Progressive is the #1 commercial truck insurance company in America. They insure most types of trucks, everything from box trucks to tractors, tow trucks to dump truck, etc. They have flexible coverage and flexible payment options, and if you enroll in the Progressive Smart Haul® Program, you’ll save a minimum of 5% on your insurance. 

Progressive is the only insurance company that we can find offering box truck insurance quotes online. Here is a quote sample we get it from Progressive website for one box truck.

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As you can see, Progressive box truck insurance quote isn’t necessarily cheap. If you want to get the cheapest box truck insurance for your towing business, we’d recommend you working with a trucking insurance broker or agency so that they can get several quotes from the companies that they work with so that you can compare several quotes and fin the cheapest one for you. Below are the agencies that we recommend:

Simply Business: Getting cheap box truck insurance by comparing several quotes

Simply Business is a digital agency. They can provide several quotes online for comparison. However, trucking business is a complex with a lot of nuances, you may need to call them to discuss your quote options after providing some basic information on their website.

We recommend Simply Business because they have an insurance agency with excellent consumer reviews. They earn an average rating of 4.1 out of five on Trustpilot, which is very high compared to other insurance companies. Most people praise their ease of use and convenience. Getting cheap box truck by working with knowledgeable agents is another agency. Unlike Simply Business,’s main goal is to connect you with the agent or agents who are most knowledgeable about your trucking business and its specifics. They partners with hundreds of agents across the country and these agents are experts in their own fields. After learns about the specifics of your towing business, their algorithm will run to find the agent or agents in their network who are most knowledgeable about your business and connect you with them so that these agents can help you get the best coverages at the most affordable prices.

Learn more at the best box truck insurance companies.

How to get cheap box truck insurance?

When shopping for box truck insurance, it’s best to compare quotes from several reputable box truck insurance companies. That way, you can find the best combination of coverage and price for your trucking business. This is especially true for truckers who are driving under new authority because policy prices for them can be incredibly high. A good way to compare several box truck insurance quotes is to work with a broker or agency like Simply Business and who can get multiple quotes from the companies that they partner with. This helps make the process less time consuming and more convenient for you.

Maintain a good driving record is also essential in keeping the box truck insurance cost down.

And lastly, following all safety driving guidelines and continuously monitoring the driving records of all of your drivers are critical to reduce the box truck insurance cost.

How much does box truck insurance cost?

The cost varies and is based on many factors. The value of your truck, the number you own, the things you haul in your vehicle, your driving history, and your typical travel radius all impact your box truck insurance costs. 

That said, box trucking businesses in the US can expect to pay between $1,500 and $2,500 a month a truck for their insurance needs. These costs are general estimates based on our general market survey. Each owner operator and each box truck company will have different quotes and different rates:

Box truck insurance cost is highly dependent on the coverage types that you get. Below are some estimates of other coverages that a box trucking business may pay:

Box truck insurance coveragesCosts
Trucking primary liability insurance$5,000-$14,000 a year
Trucking general liability insurance$300-$800 a year
Cargo insurance$600-$1,500 a year
Physical damage insuranceVaries, depending on the value of the box truck; usually $750-$3,500
Non-trucking liability insurance, or also called bobtail insuance$150-500 a year

What’s important is that you get quotes from at least three insurers and compare coverages and costs to ensure you’re getting the best possible coverage at a fair price.

Learn more at how much box truck insurance costs.

What is box truck insurance?

Box truck insurance is business insurance coverage for box truck drivers and businesses that depend on them. Box truck insurance is a general and simplified term referring to all insurance coverages that a business operating with box truck would need.

Most people would associate box truck insurance with the primary trucking liability for box trucks. However, it can encompass a wider spectrum of coverages necessary for businesses operating box truck such as non-trucking liability, bobtail insurance, cargo insurance, trucking general liability insurance, and workers comp insurance for truckers or occupational accident insurance.

Is box truck insurance required?

If you drive a box truck, you are required by law in all states to have trucking primary liability insurance. If you run a business operating box trucks and have employees, you are required by law in all states except Texas to have workers comp insurance for your truckers, regardless full-time or part-time.

All other coverages are optional. However they are all necessary to protect your business. Some coverages might be required by your cargo shippers or brokers such as motor truck cargo insurance.

What kinds of businesses need box truck insurance?

Many business types need box truck insurance to cover the risks associated with short-haul trucking. The most common industries include:

  • Delivery services
  • Distributors and wholesalers
  • Moving companies
  • Couriers
  • Retail operations
  • And more.

With the growth of online shopping, more businesses now offer delivery services and may need box truck insurance. Many small companies depend on box trucks for deliveries, such as bakeries and florists.

What types of vehicles can be covered by box truck insurance?

Box trucks are referred to by different names because of the type of cargo they carry or their use. Some common types of box trucks include:

  • Cargo cutaway
  • Icebox
  • Moving truck
  • Reefer truck 
  • Sleeper box
  • Tilt cab.

If you’re not sure if your truck is considered a box truck, check with your business insurer.

What types of coverage do box truck operators need?

The box truck insurance coverages you need will depend on whether you carry products for your own business or work as a for-hire trucker.

Businesses that use box trucks to deliver their own goods typically purchase:

  • Liability insurance, which covers injuries to other people or damage to their property if you’re found to be at fault in an accident while driving your box truck.
  • Collision coverage, which will help pay for repairs or replacement of your box truck if it is damaged in an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage, which will help pay for repairs to — or replacement of — your box truck if it is damaged in a non-collision incident, such as fire or through vandalism. It also covers you if your vehicle is stolen.

If you’re a for-hire trucker and your motor carrier provides your liability insurance, you may only need to purchase physical damage coverage along with other box truck insurance coverages like:

  • Motor truck cargo insurance, which provides a financial safety net if your cargo is damaged while transporting it.
  • Non-trucking liability insurance, which covers for-hire drivers, when they are found to be at fault in an accident in your box truck while you are not on dispatch. Learn more at the best non-trucking liability insurance.
  • Workers’ compensation, which provides benefits if employees are injured or become ill for work-related reasons. If you have employees, your state will likely require you to get workers’ comp. Learn more at the best workers comp insurance for truckers.
  • Occupational accident insurance, which provides similar benefits to workers comp insurance, yet less comprehensive. Occupational accident insurance can be a good alternative of workers comp insurance for independent contractors. Learn more about the cost and coverage of occupational accident insurance.

It’s also likely that businesses that own box trucks should consider these coverages.Your business insurance company rep or agent will let you know for sure.

What else do I need to know about buying box truck insurance?

The types of goods that can be transported in box trucks, and the different sizes the vehicles come in, means there’s no one box truck insurance policy that’s right for every operation. A small box truck transporting bread doesn’t need as much insurance as a large one carrying expensive antiques. This is why you owe it to yourself to get quotes from multiple providers to ensure you secure the right coverage for your box truck.

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