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How Much Does Box Truck Insurance Cost? (2022 Rates)

Anyone into trucking will agree the business is more dangerous now than it was in the past. Box trucks are one of those trucks mostly affected by huge risks. Trucks in this category are best described as the heroes of the haulage and transportation industry. They pick up where rail and tractor-trailer shipments leave, transporting merchandise from warehouses, depots, and distributors or transporting supplies and equipment to the job site. 

If you own one or more of these trucks, you must keep your investment safe by getting insurance coverage. Generally speaking, box truck insurance cost varies between $1,100 to $2,500 per box truck per month.

The wide range is because different companies offer different quotes after carefully considering several factors. This article considers box insurance cost in general and everything you need to know regarding the cost. 

How much does box truck insurance cost?

There are no ideal rules that state how much box truck insurance should cost. The cost varies from one trucking company to another and also depends on the carrier involved. The vast disparity is because box trucking companies differ and different drivers will have different rates. Therefore, when considering the price for your box truck insurance, your insurance company will put together all the factors peculiar to your business.  

That said, box trucking businesses in the US can expect to pay an average of $812 per month, or $9,744 per year, per truck for their commercial box truck insurance. These costs are general estimates based on our general market survey. In reality, depending on the several factors that we describe in details below, you might get higher or lower prices for your box truck insurance premium.

Box truck business might need other coverages. Below are some estimates of other coverages that a box trucking business may pay:

Box truck insurance coverages Average costs
Trucking primary liability insurance $5,232 per year
Trucking general liability insurance$396 per year
Cargo insurance$1,476 per year
Physical damage insurance $2,208 per year
Non-trucking liability insurance, or also called bobtail insuance$432 per year
Workers comp insurance for truckers $2,698 per year

Whether you are an owner-operator or you own a growing fleet of box trucks, you should make sure to shop around to find the best rates for your box truck insurance coverage.

Getting quotes from a few carriers or working with a top trucking insurance broker like Simply Business,, or Smart Financial to have them get several quotes for you to compare and choose the cheapest one. Progressive, biBERK, and THREE are the only three carriers offering trucking insurance quotes online. It shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to get a quote on their websites. Starting with their online quotes may be a good idea.

If you only drive a few days a week or a month, you definitely want to get quotes from InsurePro, a newer provider offering flexible pay-per-day truck insurance coverage. You only pay for coverage when you are on the road.

Average box truck insurance cost per month

The average box truck insurance cost is $1,250 per month. This includes trucking primary liability, trucking general liability, bobtail, trucking physical damage, and truck cargo insurance. Below are the breakdown of average cost for each coverage:

Box truck insurance coverages Average cost
Trucking primary liability insurance$436 per month
Trucking general liability insurance $33 per month
Bobtail insurance $36 per month
Trucking physical damage insurance$184 per month
Truck cargo insurance $123 per month

26 foot box truck insurance cost

The average cost of 26 foot box truck insurance is $475 per month. This is only for trucking primary liability coverage. A comprehensive truck insurance policy for a 26 foot box truck, including all coverages listed above, is $946 per month. The cost varies significantly depending on several factors that we discuss in details below.

16 foot box truck insurance cost

The average cost of a trucking primary liability insurance policy for a 16 foot box truck is $415 per month. A comprehensive insurance policy for a 16 foot box truck, including all coverages listed above, is $820 per month. The cost varies depending several factors such as driving history, location, driving radius, the type of cargo, etc. which we discuss in details below.

Amazon box truck insurance cost

More and more truck owners operators choose to drive for Amazon Relay program because the program offers several benefits. These truck owners operators have to secure box truck insurance satisfied Amazon requirements. Truckers who drive for the Amazon Relay program usually drive a 26-foot truck.

The average cost of Amazon box truck insurance is $952 per month. 2 different Amazon box truck drivers always have two different insurance costs. They actually vary significantly depending several factors that we discuss below.

What factors affect box truck insurance cost?

Generally speaking, the following factors affect the cost of box truck insurance or commercial truck insurance for box trucks.  

The value of your box trucks

Typically, box trucks with a higher value will require a higher insurance cost. This is understandable because an expensive box truck will cost more in repairs or replacement. Also, older trucks cost more to insure than newer ones. That’s because, as trucks age, there is a big chance that they will develop faults.

To get the correct value of your truck, the insurance company might request for the year, make, the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), and model of your box trucks.

Alternatively, they might just ask for your VIN. That will help them get the information about your vehicle without asking you to enter the values manually. 

Number of box trucks you have 

The more box trucks in your fleet, the more insurance you’ll need to insure them. Having more box trucks means you have a more considerable risk of loss. As a result, you will have to pay higher insurance costs to cover the risks.

Your truck drivers

The type of truck drivers you have is another critical factor determining your box truck insurance cost. Most insurance companies will check to see the age and experience of your box truck drivers to give you a quote. The company might also request documents such as the Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) and the driver’s license of your truck drivers. The MVR provides a report on the driver’s tickets and accidents. It essentially reports the driving record of your drivers. Generally speaking, you might get a cheaper premium if your drivers have a trucking license, lots of truck driving experience, and a clean driving record.

The kind of goods you haul

Your insurer will want to know what kind of goods you carry to give you the right quotes. Usually, companies that carry expensive items or perishable items will require a higher level of insurance than others. Some insurers do not even offer services to some box trucks that carry certain types of cargo. Also, the type of contract you have with your clients will define the type of rates you get from your insurance company. 

How long has your company been in operation

If you’re a well-established firm that has been in operation for a few years, the insurance provider has more information to examine and data to evaluate. A mature firm with a relatively clean loss record would likely have cheaper rates than a younger one.


Loss run describes the history of all of your losses and claims as a business. If your firm has a history of claims, accidents, traffic citations, or speeding penalties, your rates may be higher. That is because the insurance provider sees your business as a more significant risk to cover. These elements, in their opinion, make it more probable that you may face a lawsuit in the future.

The location of your business 

The primary location of your business will also influence your premium. Usually, rural areas tend to have less traffic which means there’s a reduced chance of having accidents. Therefore, you might pay more for your Box Truck Insurance cost if your business is in an urban area. Another critical factor is the distance that your trucks travel for business. The more the travel radius covered by your trucks, the more the chance of accidents and the higher the cost of your premium. So, if your box trucks frequently cross state boundaries, you might pay more irrespective of your location. 

The type of insurance that you need

The final factor determining the cost of your premium is the type of insurance coverage you want. Most companies offer basic box truck insurance policies that only cover property damage and injury liability. The property liability will cover you for damages to your box truck in cases of accident. On the other hand, the injury liability will cover for injuries or damages to someone else in an accident caused by your box truck. 

Although these policies will work, they are insufficient to give you all the protection you need. As a result, you will need a few other policies to offer you additional protection. Some of these other coverages you will need include the following:

  • Comprehensive damage policy covers all forms of perils, including fires, theft, and other risks covered by the policy.
  • Collision policy:  this covers damages to your truck due to accidents. 
  •  Cargo insurance policy: this covers for loss or damage of your cargo 
  • Non-trucking liability coverage
  • Other policies 

These additional policies do not come for free. They extend the level of risk that the insurance company has to carry. Therefore, they attract come at a higher fee. The more additional policies you have, the more you will need to pay.  

How to save money on box truck insurance?

Box truck insurance can be expensive, considering the risks involved in the business. However, using the following methods, you might save some money and reduce what you pay for box truck insurance cost. 

Hire drivers with good driving history:

As discussed earlier, box truck insurance costs are less if your company has drivers with clean records. 

Buy bundle packages 

If you would be buying additional policies to your basic box truck insurance, it is better to buy everything together. Most companies offer discounts to clients that buy multiple policies at once.

Commit to a yearly payment

Insurance companies would allow you to pay for your monthly or yearly premiums. However, you might get up to a 10 or 20% discount when committing to a yearly plan. While this makes it cheaper, it also means you will be stuck with the provider for the whole year.  

Look around for the best quote:

The best way to find cheap box truck insurance is to look for it. If you have the time, request quotes from as many companies around you. Compare the costs and find the one that you can afford. However, be wary of insurance policies that seem too good to be true. In some cases, a ridiculous fee might signal that the provider does not offer the best service.  

Working with a top truck insurance broker like Simply Business,, or Smart Financial is a good way to make sure you are getting several quotes with similar coverages to compare and select the cheapest one. biBERK and Progressive are the only two carriers that offer a fast box truck insurance quote online. It shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to get a quote on their websites, so it might be worth it. If you just need box truck insurance for a few days, you should definitely get pay-per-day truck insurance from InsurePro. They are the only provider offering flexible truck coverage in which you only pay when you are on the road.

Learn more where to find commercial truck insurance quotes and the best commercial truck insurance brokers

Ask about Discounts 

Insurance companies might lower your price for a variety of reasons. In most cases, they might tell you about your options. But then, if they don’t mention it, you can inquire about the discounts that they provide.

Learn more at the cheapest commercial truck insurance companies.

Who needs box truck insurance?

Firstly, a box truck is a commercial vehicle with separate cargo and cab compartments. The truck’s name comes from the fact that the vehicle’s cargo room is designed like a box. Although these trucks look like delivery or step vans, they are usually much larger. Another distinction is that you can only access a box truck’s cargo box from the back or side doors rather than the cab. Other trucks that fit within the category of box trucks are:

  • Cube trucks
  • Cube vans
  • Dry freight
  • Dry vans
  • Medium-duty vans
  • Straight trucks

If you have one of these box trucks, you need at least a minimum liability insurance. Most states require that you meet the minimum liability coverage requirements stated by the state laws. Your box truck must meet the minimal criteria for the state in which it is registered.

You can also get additional coverages to help safeguard your truck and your business from other potentially costly damages if you want to. The following are examples of typical enterprises that require box truck insurance or straight truck insurance:

  • Contractors and builders
  • Couriers
  • Furniture delivery companies
  • Movers
  • Retail and wholesale distribution
  • Transportation companies
  • And many more.

Learn more about the box truck insurance requirements

Box truck insurance companies

There are many companies offering commercial truck insurance for box trucking businesses, whether a single box truck owner-operator or a fleet of box trucks.

We have done the research and recommend the top 6 providers of box truck insurance companies for your consideration.

How to find cheap box truck insurance?

Box truck insurance is expensive, but it is a critical protection for your trucking business and you must have it. The good news is that there are several ways for you to save money:

  • Maintain a clean driving record or only hire drivers with clean records
  • Require, maintain, and monitor driving logs
  • Enroll in a safe-driving program (apps, or other devices to monitor driving), especially if it is offered by your insurance companies. If you are a safe driver, your premiums will decrease and you will save money thanks to your good driving habit.
  • Provide continual safety training and monitor safety best practices of your drivers
  • Shop around with several companies to find the best rates
  • Maintain your vehicles regularly
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