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5 Best Lawyers Malpractice Insurance in Arizona for 2023

The uptake of liability claims against legal professionals makes malpractice insurance more important than ever. Some states don’t require that lawyers carry malpractice insurance. Yet, it’s a wise practice to do regardless of your state’s requirements. Mistakes happen, and malpractice insurance is a tool you can use to protect yourself if you make a mistake that adversely affects a client’s case.

Some clients will file frivolous suits. Others have a legitimate claim based on any error or omission made in handling their case. Clients who are quick to sue are why malpractice insurance makes sense for professionals in any field. 

5 best lawyers malpractice insurance companies in Arizona

These are our top five choices for legal malpractice insurance in Arizona. With one exception, we were able to get quotes from all five of these companies online, and that one exception allows you to start the process online. However, they requested we contact them for a consultation after reaching a certain point in the process. 

  1. CoverWallet—an insurance brokerage website. You can find virtually any kind of insurance through CoverWallet.
  2. biBERK—part of the Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group They offer nationwide personal liability coverage as well as several other forms of insurance coverage. 
  3. Embroker—a fully digital insurance company. You can get your quote, select your policy, and purchase a policy all in one visit to their site. 
  4. AON—a CoverWallet partner that CoverWallet recommended. AON specializes in insurance for the professional realm. 
  5. 360 Coverage Pros: Best for legal malpractice insurances. They cater to individuals and small firms. 

We requested quotes for a law firm with two attorneys, an annual payroll of $450,000, and yearly revenue of $1,000,000 from CoverWallet, biBERK, and Embroker. This is the result of that request. 


CoverWallet is an insurance brokerage firm that offers several different types of insurance. Typically, they provide a selection of quotes. A quick ten minutes is all it takes to get your online quote from them.

When we obtained this quote, there were no additional options given. However, they directed us to their partner company, AON, for further assistance. You’ll see the quote provided by that company below. 

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This Berkshire Hathaway company approaches liability insurance from a small business insurance company perspective. They offer a variety of different coverages in Arizona in addition to professional liability insurance. They have policies available nationwide, but you’ll need to look at the coverage maps online to find availability in your particular area. 

An online quote from biBerk only took approximately ten minutes to obtain. Simply input some necessary personal information and answer a few short questions. That’s all you need to do to get your quote. 

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According to the Embroker website, they have the broadest liability coverage for lawyers in the industry. They offer the ability to customize your deductible and coverage amounts. Offering a personal account manager for each policy gives this digital company a personal touch. 

They claim to have representatives available to assist you with questions 24/7 via telephone, chat, or email. It took us less than ten minutes to collect this quote. It wasn’t the fastest quote we got, but it was close to it. 


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AON is a CoverWallet partner. When we received the quote from CoverWallet, we were also given a referral to AON. When we requested a quote from them, using the same criteria, this was the result. 

AON works like CoverWallet. They are a brokerage company that specializes in legal malpractice policies. This particular quote they pulled from AXIS. 

360 Coverage Pros

Investopedia recommended this company as the best company for legal malpractice insurance. As you can see, we didn’t get a specific quote online; however, they claim to have policies starting as low as $800 yearly. When we attempted to get a quote online, they requested we call for further information. 

Gallagher Affinity has been in business since 1927. Gallagher Affinity administers 360 Coverage Pros. The people at 360 Coverage Pros specialize in legal, real estate, and accountant malpractice policies. 

Their legal malpractice policies are designed for small firms. If you have 20 or more people in your firm, you need to look elsewhere as you won’t be eligible for one of their plans. 

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What is malpractice insurance?

Malpractice insurance is one name for professional liability insurance. It’s sometimes called errors and omissions insurance. Errors and omissions are accidental mistakes that have an adverse effect on a client’s case. 

Malpractice insurance will cover your defense from professional liability suits, provided the action causing the claim was accidental. If it were done purposefully or maliciously, you would be on your own. 

Regardless of the name, the insurance is the same. The insurance is designed to protect you from mistakes made in your professional life. If a client sues you, with a basis or not, the insurance will cover your defense. 

Is lawyers malpractice insurance required in Arizona?

Some states require attorneys have malpractice insurance. Others don’t find it necessary. Some of the states not requiring insurance require that attorneys make known whether they have the insurance or not. So, where does Arizona fall on that spectrum? 

The Arizona State Bar Association doesn’t require attorneys to carry malpractice insurance. They do require that an attorney disclose whether they have a malpractice policy or not. These disclosures become a matter of public record, allowing clients to access information when choosing an attorney. 

What does lawyers professional liability insurance cover in Arizona?

Errors and omissions insurance covers the cost of defending a lawyer or legal practice in a civil lawsuit and certain damages awarded, even if the lawsuit ends up being groundless. 

Common claims that legal professional liability insurance covers are negligence, misrepresentation, violation of good faith and fair dealing, and inaccurate advice. Some policies could also cover privacy violations and confidential breaches. Each policy is different, so make sure you read them carefully.

Lawyers professional liability protection is not part of your general liability or commercial property insurance. General liability covers costs associated with injuries that happen to clients, visitors, and passers-by on your business property. Commercial property insurance covers property damage that occurs while doing business.  

Who needs lawyers professional liability insurance in Arizona?

A wide array of legal professionals in Arizona need lawyers malpractice insurance, including:

  • Attorneys
  • Bankruptcy referees
  • Barristers
  • Criminal law offices
  • Corporate attorneys
  • Counselors at law
  • Estate lawyers and offices
  • Lawyers
  • Law firms and offices
  • Legal aid offices
  • Patent solicitor’s offices
  • Estate lawyers and law offices
  • Family lawyers and practices
  • One person practices
  • Private practices
  • Real estate lawyers and law offices
  • Tax lawyers and law offices
  • Pro bono lawyers

How much does lawyers professional liability insurance cost?

The legal professional liability coverage cost varies more than almost any other type of business insurance, except for similar coverage for medical professionals. It depends on several factors, including the specialization of the law practice, size of the operation, the experience of the members of the legal team, location in Arizona, and other factors.

The best way to ensure you’re paying a fair price for your legal malpractice coverage is to get quotes from multiple providers. That way, you can compare coverages and costs to find the best combination for you. 

Final thoughts

It seems in the past decade that frivolous lawsuits have increased exponentially. Today, clients are becoming more willing to sue. Professionals should consider protecting themselves from these unfounded suits with malpractice insurance. 

Malpractice insurance could be a wise investment for those in a professional field such as law. In Arizona, you aren’t required by the State Bar Association to carry malpractice insurance, but you have to make your decision public knowledge. Clients can use the information as part of their decision-making process when hiring an attorney.

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