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5 Best Commercial Truck Insurance in San Diego, CA

San Diego has one of the most important ports in the United States, connecting the country with Mexico. Trucks in San Diego play a major role in the movement of goods from this port into and outside the United States. That explains why over 5,000 trucking companies are registered in San Diego, CA. 

However, trucking is both as dangerous as it is rewarding. In 2019, there were 5,005 fatal collisions involving heavy trucks. According to the same report, trucks accounted for 10% of all vehicles involved in fatal collisions. It just goes to highlight how hazardous the commercial transportation sector is.

Regardless, commercial truck accidents in California are costly, particularly if you stay in San Diego. The average compensation for some of these accidents in San Diego can be as high as $70,000. 

That tells you, you cannot afford to leave your San Diego rigs without proper Trucking insurance.  When looking for the best San Diego, California truck insurance policy, it is always good to ensure that your insurance provider is well-versed in the industry because trucking insurance is a specialist insurance product. 

We have a list of the best 5 trucking insurance companies in San Diego that you can use. 

5 best commercial truck insurance companies in San Diego, CA 

Progressive: Best Overall

Progressive is one of the biggest insurers of commercial trucks in the United States. The company provides commercial truck insurance in San Diego for various vehicles, including tractor-trailers, box trucks, tow trucks, dump trucks, and even ice cream trucks.

Progressive is an easy pick for the best overall commercial truck insurance company since they have a large market share. Also, they insure a large range of vehicles and offer several discounts.

Simply Business: Best for comparing quotes

Simply Business, a nationwide insurance agency, offers quotations from different insurance carriers on their website. This might be a helpful choice for individuals who want to compare insurance from many businesses simultaneously. On the other hand, Simply Business cannot give commercial trucking insurance quotations online. You may enter your information on the website, and an agent will contact you with quotations via email or phone. Best for connecting truckers and trucking businesses with knowledgeable agents

Small trucking companies sometimes get their insurance applications denied because of their size. If you find yourself in this category, can help. The company is an insurance broker that aims to assist businesses that earn below $10 million in annual revenue. If your company falls in that category, can help you find knowledgeable agents that will help you obtain reasonable and dependable insurance policies that fit your needs and cover your risks.

The Hartford: Best for large fleets 

The Hartford might be a good option if you have large fleets. The company has specialized programs and discounts designed for organizations with many trucks. 

The Hartford has been providing insurance policies since 1810. The Hartford also provides business truck insurance for single trucks in San Diego. However, it truly shines when managing risk for commercial fleets.

Plus, you can bundle your policy with general liability, property, workers compensation, etc., with The Hartford.

Travelers: Best for cargo coverage 

Cargo theft can be a serious issue. In some cases, you just need to find what is stolen. Travelers help solve these problems as they have one of the most extensive cargo theft investigative groups in the business for trucks. 

The Travelers Special Investigations Group (SIG) investigates cargo theft and assists clients through the process of tightening operations against risk and criminal behavior. SIG has recovered more than $37 million in stolen goods since 2009.

What does commercial truck insurance cover?

Commercial truck insurance is an insurance policy that protects truckers and their trucks from damages and losses. In most insurance firms, the term refers to commercial auto insurance policies designed for trucking companies and their drivers. 

As such, commercial truck insurance can cover any of the following:

Trucking primary liability

This policy choice protects you from any damage or injuries your trucks cause to others during an accident. This coverage is also required for all commercial trucks by the Californian state government and the United States government. Learn more about trucking liability insurance.

Comprehensive physical damage and collision coverage

This coverage provides repair or replacement for damage to your owned cars caused by collision, fire, theft, hail, windstorm, earthquake, flood, mischief, or vandalism. Learn more at the best trucking physical damage insurance companies.

Motor truck cargo insurance

Motor Truck Cargo insurance covers the carrier in the case of damaged or lost freight. The policy has a maximum load limit per vehicle. Learn more at the best motor truck cargo insurance companies.

Non-trucking liability

 Non-trucking liability offers limited liability insurance to owner-operators permanently leased to an ICC-regulated carrier. The policy usually provides liability protection to truckers when the owner-operator is not on dispatch or towing a heavy trailer. Learn more at the best non-trucking liability insurance companies.

How much does commercial truck insurance cost in San Diego, CA?

Commercial truck insurance in San Diego, CA costs $14,100 per year. This value is an estimate that gives you an idea of what truck insurance costs in San Diego. In reality, you can expect to pay more or less depending on how you run your trucking company in San Diego.   

Different insurance companies will give you different quotes and rates since they are assessing risks differently. Be sure to shop around with a few carriers or work with a broker like Simply Business or to compare several quotes before making your final decision. If you prefer getting quotes online, Progressive is the only carrier offering truck insurance quotes online.

What are the factors that can affect the cost of commercial truck insurance in San Diego?

The cost of commercial truck insurance in San Diego, CA, is determined by a variety of criteria, including the following:

Your kind of truck 

Trucks come in different shapes and sizes. Some are larger than others. Others are more costly, while others are newer or have unique characteristics. Those that provide a larger cost risk to insurers, such as huge and brand-new trucks, usually result in high premiums.

Your physical address

A truck operating in a rural community in San Diego like Alpine, Jamul, or Spring Valley is likely to experience different dangers than a vehicle operating in San Antonio, North Park, or Little Italy. 

Similarly, a crash on a highway may be significantly more expensive than one on a remote construction site. That is why your agent must know where you want to operate your vehicle. They can ensure that you have the proper balance of coverage.

Your business

Different components of your company’s structure may influence your charges. For example, if you wish to cover many trucks and various drivers, they will provide the insurer with value and cost concerns. Having to insure numerous drivers, for example, implies that each will offer unique driving hazards. All these potential hazards will likely increase your premium.

Your cargo

A truck hauling mud or sand poses fewer driving dangers than a vehicle hauling scrap metal. Similarly, a truck transporting hazardous goods offers a greater safety risk than trucks transporting stones. As a result, when giving you a quote, the insurer will most likely evaluate the risk associated with your cargo.

Other factors that might influence your premium include the type of coverage you purchase and the deductible. That is why you must consult with your insurer about how they can assist you in balancing the right coverage levels. 

Your agent is knowledgeable about the procedures you may take to maintain reasonable yet acceptable rates constantly. Furthermore, they can assist you in determining discounts and other cost-cutting measures to keep your expenditures in check.

How do I find cheap commercial truck insurance coverage in San Diego, California?

The following are some ideas to get the best price for your truck insurance in San Diego, CA. Taking these steps might not take away the prices, but they will help you get discounts and ensure a fair negotiation. 

Shop around to find the best deal. 

If you need the best deal, check for estimates from different firms. By comparing prices and policies from as many insurers as possible, you might find a decent price. You can also work with a professional agent or use online brokers to compare coverage and premium pricing. Even after you have already gotten an offer that suits you, continue to shop around. Make sure you acquire fresh quotations every year before renewing your coverage.

Take advantage of exclusive offers.

 Most companies offer discounts to their customers for many reasons. For instance, you may get a discount for being a first-time customer or paying electronically. So, ensure you inquire about discount offers and see if you qualify.

Learn more at the cheapest commercial truck insurance companies.

Do I need commercial truck insurance in San Diego, California?

According to the laws of California, you will need liability insurance if you drive a truck that weighs above 10,000 pounds.  The minimum liability required for your truck will depend on what you transport as follows:

  • Liability insurance for trucks that transport oil: $1,000,000
  • Liability insurance for hazardous materials transport:  $5,000,000
  • Liability insurance for truckers that move household goods: $300,000
  • Liability insurance for general freight: $750,000
  • Cargo insurance for intrastate household goods movers and interstate contract carriers): $20,000 per vehicle and $20,000 per catastrophe.

If you drive a truck in San Diego, you may encounter a variety of unexpected scenarios. Accidents, theft, and injuries are just a few of the circumstances that commercial trucking insurance in San Diego, CA, can cover.

For truckers in San Diego, California, commercial truck insurance is a great method to keep your business running while providing your drivers with the advantages of protection. You are constantly making money if your vehicle is on the road. But if you don’t, you’ll suffer business losses, especially if you don’t have insurance. To avoid that, ensure that the commercial truck insurance you purchase has the critical coverages listed above.

Requirements for truck insurance in San Diego, CA

It is not enough to have commercial truck insurance in San Diego. You need to be sure that your policy meets all legal requirements. To do that, you have to confirm that your insurer meets all the requirements for filing commercial truck insurance set by the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS)

Also, you need to be sure that your insurance policy is in line with what the Federal motor carrier safety Administration (FMCSA) needs. Usually, CALTRANS and the FMCSA require you to submit some files before allowing you to get your insurance. These files that you need to submit include:


The BMC-91 file ensures the FMCSA that you have sufficient Liability insurance to meet the higher risk of transferring goods or people over state boundaries.


If you are getting a federal filling with the FMCSA, you must have an MCS-90 endorsement. This is usually applied to Liability and Cargo Liability insurance policies if a federal filing is necessary. The MCS-90 endorsement ensures that your carry the bare minimum of trucking liability insurance.  


MCP-65 file is a certificate of insurance that must be delivered to the California DMV as verification that your car liability limit is at least $750,000. The MCP-65 form must be submitted immediately by the insurance company.

What types of trucks are covered by commercial truck insurance in San Diego, California? 

You can insure almost any type of truck with your commercial truck insurance in San Diego. However, you should speak with your insurer to ensure they offer insurance for your truck and if the policy suits you.

Generally speaking, insurers offer their policies to the following truck types:

What doesn’t commercial trucking insurance cover?

Depending on the coverage you get, your trucking insurance should cover a lot of perils. But then, it won’t cover you for every loss and damage. The specifics of what your policy will cover will depend on the insurer and your policy limits. 

However, the following are some general exclusions that your policy may not cover irrespective of the coverage limit or the insurer that you choose:

  • Your trucking insurance will not cover you if you decide to damage the truck intentionally. 
  • Trucking insurance policies may not cover stolen or damaged personal items in your truck during accidents. 
  • Some types of cargo like animals, contraband, drugs, explosives, etc., are also not covered by commercial truck insurance. 

To fully understand your policy’s limitations, you must speak with your insurer.

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