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What is restaurant insurance?

Restaurant insurance protects your restaurant or other food service business if its physical location is damaged by something like a fire or weather events that are covered.

It will also pay medical costs if a patron or passerby is injured while on your business property.

It could also make up for lost income if you’re ever unable to open because of an issue that’s covered by your insurance, for example, it’s closed due to fire damage.

Learn more at restaurant insurance: what it is, what it covers, and cost.

Who needs restaurant insurance?

All types of food service businesses can benefit from having restaurant insurance including cafes and bars that serve food, delis, casual dining establishments, formal restaurants, food joints, caterers, ice cream shops, and more.

Food trucks or food trailers can also need restaurant insurance, although the insurance coverage needed for food trucks and food trailers might be a bit different from the coverages for the restaurant types listed above. Learn more at: 

What kind of business insurance do restaurants need?

Depending on the size and the operational nature of your restaurants, you may need one or more of the following coverages: 

  • General liability insurance: Or also called restaurant liability insurance. Most, if not all, restaurants should have this coverage since your customers might easily fall and get hurt while dining at your restaurant. General liability insurance covers this if your customer files a lawsuit against you. Learn more at the best general liability insurance companies
  • Product liability insurance: Since you are selling food to your customers and they may get food poisoning. Product liability insurance will cover this risk. It can be bought as a stand-alone policy or as an endorsement added to your general liability insurance policy. Learn more at the best product liability insurance companies.
  • Commercial property insurance: This is another coverage that most, if not all, restaurants need. It covers damages caused to the commercial property such as the restaurant itself and appliances & equipments in the restaurant. Learn more at the best commercial property insurance companies.  
  • Business Owners Policy (BOP): It is likely that you may just want to have a BOP policy. It is a simple policy for any small businesses, including restaurants. A BOP policy combines the coverages of both general liability and commercial property in one. It is also cheaper than buying two separate policies. Learn more at the best BOP insurance companies.
  • Workers compensation insurance: If you have employees, even just one, you are required by the state law to have workers comp insurance. It pays for medical, disability benefits, death benefits,  and lost wages, and more when your employee gets injured or become ill at work. Working in a busy restaurant, especially in a kitchen, is a high risk job. Your employees might get injured more often that you’d think. Don’t skip this coverage. Learn more at the best workers comp insurance companies
  • Commercial auto insurance: If you use a vehicle for business reasons, you need to have commercial auto insurance. If you deliver food to your customers or do weekly grocery run for your restaurants with your vehicle, you must have commercial auto insurance. Personal auto insurance doesn’t cover it and you may get into trouble with your personal auto insurance carrier. Learn more at the best commercial auto insurance companies
  • Liquor liability insurance: Liquor liability insurance provides the coverage for bodily injury or property damage that an intoxicated person causes after being served alcohol by a policy holder. In some cases, liquor liability insurance is included in the restaurant general liability policy. However, it is usually very limited. If you serve alcohol in your restaurant, you need to have liquor liability insurance. Some states require it before issuing you a liquor license. Learn more at the best providers of liquor liability insurance and costs

Why restaurants need insurance?

It is often that restaurants are required to have general liability insurance, liquor liability insurance, and workers comp insurance coverage. So the easy answer is that because it is required by laws. 

Even when it is not required by laws, think about it, could you afford to pay out of pocket if a customer falls off a chair in your restaurant, breaks a wrist and sues you for medical costs?

Or if the awning over your outdoor patio space is blown down in a windstorm? The answer for most food service businesses is NO. That’s why it’s critical that they get restaurant insurance business coverage.

How much does restaurant insurance cost?

Restaurant insurance typically costs less than $200 per month. However, the price can vary depending on the size of the restaurant, number of locations, type of food service, and more.

Can you afford to put your food service operation at risk when considering the low cost of this coverage?

Cheap restaurant insurance

Follow the tips below to help you get the restaurant insurance coverage you need at a fair price:

  • Shop around for the best value. Get quotes from a few companies and compare them to find the right coverage for you at a reasonable cost. Learn more at the best restaurant insurance companies.
  • Review before you renew. Make sure you get new quotes before you renew your policy.
  • Take advantage of discounts. If they’re not offered to you when getting a quote, ask about them, whether you’re buying online or through an agent. 

Why buy restaurant insurance from BravoPolicy?

Great question! Here are three good reasons:

  1. You’ll probably pay less for your restaurant insurance with BravoPolicy. Our customers save 20% on average. 
  2. We can get your restaurant business covered in about 10-15 minutes. 
  3. You can manage all of your restaurant insurance needs through our online portal. No paperwork needed. No need to wait on the phone for hours to speak to customer service.  

Restaurant insurance FAQs

Are restaurants the only types of businesses covered by this insurance?

No, all types of food service operations can get this important protection.

Am I covered if an employee is injured in my kitchen?

No, you will need workers’ comp insurance to cover employee injuries.

Working in a restaurant kitchen is a high-risk job, your employees get injured more often that you’d think. Make sure that you have workers comp insurance coverage for each and every employee working at your restaurant, even if they work part-time. Learn more at the latest changes of workers comp insurance that small businesses need to know.

Am I covered if I serve food outdoors?

All parts of the food service property you own should be covered by your policy.

When you buy restaurant insurance, it is likely that you will be asked for the details of your operations. You need to specify that you serve food outdoors in your restaurant. That will likely impact the premiums of your policy. But do not hide it. If you do, when you file a claim later and your customers got injured as she is dining outside of your restaurant, the insurance company can refuse to pay your claim and you will be forced to pay out of your pocket. A lawsuit without insurance protection can bankrupt a small business.  

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