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The 7 Best Wedding Insurance Companies for 2023

It’s your big day. You’ve planned everything out, down to the smallest detail. But what if something totally unexpected happens, like the venue you’ve chosen has a fire or there’s a snowstorm and none of your guests can make it to your wedding? That’s what wedding event insurance is for. It protects you from financial loss in case something unexpected happens to your wedding event.

The 4 Best Providers of Wedding Event Insurance

Based on price, customer service and policy, we recommend the following companies. 

The Event Helper: Best for Cheapest Premium

The Event Helper is very easy to get a quote from—just put in the state where your wedding will be held and how many people are attending, and The Event Helper will give you a quote in seconds. Host liquor liability insurance is included, so you don’t have to pay extra for that. 

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WedSure: Best for Buying Online

WedSure also includes free host liquor liability insurance, and they can provide you with an instant certificate of insurance. 

The quote below is for liability insurance, and you can add riders to cover cancellation, gifts, photography, jewelry, attire, professional counseling, and loss of deposits. 

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WedSafe: Best for Choosing the Most Basic Policies Easily

WedSafe covers wedding liability and wedding cancellation insurance. They have several options for coverage amounts, so you can find a policy that works for you. When you add wedding cancellation insurance to your wedding insurance liability policy, you get a 15% discount. 

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Markel Event insurance: Best if you want to buy a policy directly from an underwriter

Markel insurance is a leader in special event insurance. They include host liquor liability insurance so you don’t have to worry about getting an extra policy. 

Unlike every other company on this list, Markel both sells and underwrites the policies.

They have a great deal of flexibility in what you want covered and how high you need the limits on said policies. 

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Travelers Wedding Protector Plan: Best for Offering the Most Comprehensive Coverage

Travelers with its Wedding Protector Plan offers the most comprehensive coverage for wedding. However, it can be expensive. If you spend $50,000+ for your wedding, you might want to consider Travelers’ Wedding Protector Plan. It covers everything from cancellation or postponement, additional expense, event photographs and video, event gifts, special attire, special jewelry, and lost deposits. However, wedding event liability and liquor liability aren’t included. You can add them in the policy for additional costs.

The quoting flow is super simple and fast. You just need to select state, number of guests, and event date. Voila, it will provide you with different quote options and you can select the right level of coverage for your wedding event.

The total premium comes out to be a bit more expensive than other options. However, it is worth it if you spend a lot of money on your wedding.

Nationwide Wedding Insurance: Best for the Most Basic Wedding Insurance Policies

Nationwide partners with WedSafe to provide 2 simple and basic wedding insurance policies: wedding cancellation insurance and wedding liability insurance. Nationwide’s wedding liability insurance protects against property damage, bodily injuries and alcohol-related accidents caused by a vendor or guest. However, it only covers the bride, the groom and their parents, as well as the venue (if requested).

When you choose to get a quote, it will direct you to WedSafe to get a quote for these 2 simple policies.

Progressive Wedding Insurance: Best for One Simple Wedding Insurance Policy

Similar to Nationwide, Progressive partners with EventHelper to provide one simple wedding insurance policy that covers wedding liability, ie. property damage or injuries to guests; cancellation; and special coverages such as insurance for your dress, tuxedos, gifts, photographs, and more against damage or theft prior to your event. All includes in one simple wedding insurance policy.

If you want to get a Progressive wedding insurance policy, you will be directed to EventHelper’s site.

What is Wedding Event Insurance?

Wedding event insurance protects your investment from unforeseen circumstances. Any number of things can go wrong. The DJ you hired is in an accident so you have to get another DJ at the last minute, which will cost more. Your venue burns to the ground a month before the wedding. All of these things sound like the stuff of nightmares, but they can and do happen. Wedding event insurance will protect you in these scenarios. 

Wedding event insurance usually consists of two parts:

  • Liability insurance:This pays for any damages to the venue or if anyone has an accident and injures themselves at your wedding. 
  • Cancellation insurance: This reimburses you if you have to cancel because of weather, injury, illness, or other events beyond your control. 

With the cost of an average wedding totaling $33,931 (according to The Knot) wedding event insurance is a good idea. Wedding event insurance will protect you in case you need to cancel due to accident, illness, weather, or death. It will also protect you in case of property damage to the venue or if someone injures themselves at your wedding. However, make sure you check with the venue and find out what sort of insurance they have. 

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What does Wedding Event Insurance Cover?

Wedding insurance will cover you in case you need to cancel due to sickness, injury, weather, or problems with vendors. For example, if your caterer fails to show up, wedding event insurance will cover the postponement or cancellation of the wedding. 

What doesn’t It Cover?

  • If you cancel the wedding because you decide your intended is not the one for you, you’re out of luck—wedding event insurance won’t help you. 
  • It generally won’t cover watches or jewelry, except for the wedding rings. Those are covered, but your engagement ring isn’t covered.
  • Changing your mind about what vendors will be at your wedding is also not covered. If you meet a great new caterer and decide you must have him cater your wedding, you’ll lose the deposit on the one you already hired. 

How Much does Wedding Event Insurance Cost?

The Knot estimates a basic policy will cost somewhere between $155 and $550, depending on how much coverage you get. However, when we got quotes from the top 4 providers, it ranges from $66 – $275 depending on the provider and the level of coverage.

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What Benefits should I Consider When Purchasing Wedding Event Insurance?

You’ll probably need:

You should also consider:

  • Waiver of subrogation. This protects the vendor in the event something happens. It says you waive their responsibility in case they are sued. 
  • Cancellation insurance. This can come in very handy in case of major snowstorms or hurricanes, or if the venue suddenly goes up in flames. 
  • Third-party damage insurance. This covers any damages to the venue during your event. 
  • Hired auto liability insurance. If you rent any vehicles for your event. 
  • Workers’ compensation insurance. If you’re hiring anyone for your wedding. 
  • Terrorism insurance. This may be unlikely, but in today’s world it is possible if you’re event is in a big city. 

Last Thoughts

With the cost of an average wedding at all-time high, wedding event insurance might be a worthwhile purchase. Be sure to see what kind of insurance your venue has and what’s covered under that policy so that you don’t pay for coverage you don’t need. And good luck with the wedding!

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