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5 Best Malpractice Insurance for Surgical Assistants

Surgical assistants face unique workplace risks. It’s easy to make simple mistakes while assisting a surgeon that could harm a patient. These mistakes often result in costly malpractice lawsuits. The best way for surgical assistants to protect themselves from legal actions is to get adequate malpractice insurance coverage.

This article will reveal the 6 best malpractice insurance companies for surgical assistants, including the pros and cons of each. I’ll also explain what you need to know to get the right protection for you.

5 best malpractice insurance companies for surgical assistants

We researched more than 20 companies offering medical malpractice insurance for surgical assistants and other medical professionals. Here are our picks for the top 6 providers:

  • CoverWallet: Best for comparing several quotes
  • Simply Business: Best for finding low-cost surgical assistant malpractice coverage
  • HSPO: Best for its endorsement by several medical associations
  • BaxterPro: Best broker specializing in medical malpractice insurance
  • Proliability: Best for its excellent customer service

CoverWallet: Best for comparing several quotes

CoverWallet is an online insurance broker. It makes it easy for surgical assistants to get insurance quotes from several different companies at once. CoverWallet doesn’t provide business insurance itself. It connects you with top insurers that offer malpractice insurance coverage for surgical assistants.


  • If you want affordable insurance coverage, CoverWallet can save you the time of contacting multiple insurers to compare costs. 
  • If you buy your insurance through CoverWallet, you can use its online tools to pay your premiums, file claims, and download your proof of insurance.
  • Coverage through CoverWallet comes from top-tier insurers.


  • CoverWallet doesn’t always provide you with a quote online. In some cases, you may have to call a representative to get your quote or give them permission to call you.
  • You will not be able to make claims through CoverWallet. You’ll have to work with the insurer that provides your coverage. 

Simply Business: Best for finding low-cost surgical assistant malpractice coverage

Much like CoverWallet, Simply Business isn’t an insurance provider. Instead, it’s a broker that connects surgical assistants with malpractice insurance through partner companies.


  • It’s easy to get multiple quotes from different insurers through Simply Business.
  • Simply Business has a complete online library to help you learn about business insurance coverage.
  • Simply Business vets the insurers on its platform to ensure they’re reputable and providing coverage at a low cost.


  • Policy underwriting, claims, and customer service is handled by third-party insurers, not Simply Business.
  • Simply Business is owned by Travelers, a major insurer based in the United States
  • You can’t file a claim through Simply Business. It must be done through your insurer.

HSPO: Best for its endorsement by several medical associations

HSPO is known for providing malpractice insurance that goes beyond employer-provided coverage. It focuses exclusively on insurance for medical professionals.


  • HSPO has more than 40 years of experience providing coverage for surgical assistants and other medical professionals.
  • More than one million medical professionals get their insurance from HSPO.
  • HSPO is endorsed by more than 60 medical associations.


  • HSPO is not always the lowest cost insurance provider.
  • It has very limited online service capabilities.
  • Very little educational content is available on the HSPO website compared to other insurers.

BaxterPro: Best broker specializing in medical malpractice insurance

BaxterPro is a professional liability and medical malpractice insurance agency. Medical malpractice is the only coverage it offers. 


  • BaxterPro has extensive expertise in medical malpractice and professional liability insurance. It’s been offering coverage since 1996. 
  • It takes a highly consultative approach to selling insurance.
  • BaxterPro is committed to finding surgical assistants and other medical professionals affordable coverage.


  • The online insurance application is not as easy to use as other providers.
  • It offers limited online servicing capabilities.
  • You must complete an insurance purchase with a phone consultation.

Proliability: Best for its excellent customer service

Proliability, a division of Mercer, offers professional liability insurance for surgical assistants and all types of professionals.


  • Proliability is known for its highly rated customer service.
  • It’s been providing malpractice coverage to professionals since 1949.
  • More than 50 different professional associations endorse Proliability.


  • If you need coverage beyond malpractice insurance, you won’t be able to get it through Proliability.
  • Proliability isn’t always the lowest cost surgical assistant malpractice provider.
  • Online capabilities are limited.

What is surgical assistant malpractice insurance?

Malpractice insurance for surgical assistants provides liability protection against claims associated with mistakes or negligence, whether founded or not, that result in bodily injury, medical expenses, or mental anguish. This coverage allows surgeon assistants to do their work without fearing extremely costly lawsuits.

What could happen if a surgical assistant doesn’t have medical malpractice insurance?

If a surgical assistant is sued for malpractice, they could be responsible for:

  • Finding their own legal counsel and fighting the suit on their own
  • Paying legal fees, whether they’re found guilty or not
  • Settlement expenses
  • The potential loss of personal assets.

Why do I need surgical assistant malpractice insurance?

Surgeon assistants work directly under the supervision of a primary surgeon doing risky things like closing incisions, holding instruments to help the surgeon, and sterilizing tools. Because of the nature of their work, surgeon assistants can find themselves sued by patients or their families if something goes wrong. The best way for surgical professionals to protect their personal assets from costly lawsuits is to have adequate malpractice insurance.

Why do surgical assistants need their own malpractice insurance?

It’s critical for surgeon assistants to have separate liability insurance from that provided by employers. An employer’s policy typically focuses on its financial liability, leaving little or no protection for the surgical assistant. 

The best protection against any issues related to your professional services is having adequate surgeon assistant liability insurance. Legal costs and settlements can threaten personal assets and future earnings. Professional liability insurance for surgeon assistants limits the financial harm that can result from a malpractice lawsuit.

What is the difference between claims-made and occurrence coverage?

You must select one of these two types of policies.

An occurrence policy provides coverage for incidents of malpractice that happen while the policy is in effect, no matter when a claim is made. A claims-made one only covers incidents that occur and are reported while the policy is in effect. To cover incidents that happen when a policy is active, but the claim happens after the insurance expires, surgeon assistants must purchase a tail, which is an extension of the coverage.

Occurrence policies are typically more expensive than claims-made insurance. However, if you need to buy a tail, the costs are comparable.

What’s the difference between per occurrence and aggregate liability limits?

Per occurrence, often referred to as a per claim limit, refers to the total amount an insurer will pay per incident during the policy term. The aggregate limit is the total amount an insurance company will pay for all the claims made while the policy is in effect, typically for one year.

How much does surgical assistant malpractice insurance cost?

The average cost of malpractice insurance for surgical assistants is $178 per month, or $2,200 per year.

The costs vary and are based on many factors, including the coverage and limits, how much surgery you’re involved with, the types of surgery, coverage provided by the hospital, experience, the insurer and how they calculate premiums, and more.

These are just the average. Your rates will be different. What’s important is that you get several quotes from different providers, so you get the right surgical malpractice insurance coverage for you at a fair price.

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