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6 Best General Liability Insurance in Connecticut for 2023

Small businesses are critical to Connecticut’s economic well-being. These companies with less than 500 employees employ about 97.2 % of all workers in the state.

If you own a small business in Connecticut, this information will assist you in understanding Connecticut Commercial General Liability insurance and protecting your business and personal assets from legal claims and settlements that can result in financial ruin. 

The 6 best general insurance companies in Connecticut

We have done the homework and here are our recommendations of the top 6 providers of general liability insurance in Connecticut.

CoverWallet: Best for comparing quotes online

CoverWallet is an online broker that is backed by Aon. This company has an A rating from AM Best. Coverwallet is not an insurance company; they are a national digital broker or agency specializing in offering small business insurance. The company offers online quotes and assessments to help you understand what types of insurance you need for your business and online claims processes.

CoverWallet also provides general liability information and reading material to help you understand even better. Another perk of using CoverWallet is that you may be able to use the website to manage all of your insurance policies in one place.

Below is a quote we got from CoverWallet for an accounting firm with 2 full time employees and an annual revenue of $400,000.

PolicySweet: Best for customer service 

PolicySweet is a new insurance company that aims to simplify the purchase of commercial insurance. The company does this by providing small business owners with essential options for obtaining and maintaining coverage. 

With their website, you can quote and bind policies without involving an agent. They also have agents that can quote and bind coverage for you across the country. You can also quote online and then check in with the agent to ask any questions and ensure your selections are appropriate.

Similarly, once you become a customer, you can handle many service items yourself through their online customer portal or have their agent handle them. 

All policies of policy sweet are underwritten by Great American Insurance and the Leavitt Group Agency, providing financial stability and excellent customer service.

Hiscox: Best for professional service companies

Hiscox has A ratings from AM Best and Standard & Poor’s, indicating that it is financially strong. Hiscox Insurance specializes in insurance for small businesses, focusing on those in the professional services industry. 

Hiscox has been existing since 1901. That means, you can benefit from their century-long wealth of experience. Its general liability insurance policies include coverage for electronic data liability, which is a common concern for professional services firms. 

Hiscox makes it easy for you to get quote online. We are able to get this quote within 5 mins for an accounting firm with 2 full-time employees and $400,000 in annual revenue.

The Hartford: Best for coverage options 

The Hartford is a big name in the insurance industry. The company provides a basic policy with more generous limits than most other carriers. Plus, they have industry-specific coverages that are affordable with excellent customer service.

Both AM Best and Standard & Poor’s have given The Hartford an A+ rating. Companies in many industries, including those with higher liability risks, such as manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and importers, can benefit from the company’s liability coverage. The Hartford also provides risk engineering consulting services that can help reduce risks. 

NEXT: Best for contracting businesses

Next insurance has a simple and easy-to-use platform. The company’s straightforward approach to insurance makes them ideal for business owners trying to use general liability for the first time. Besides, the website contains information where you can find answers to your questions in minutes.

Next provides coverage for a wide range of professions, including architecture and engineering, beauty, commercial maintenance, consulting, fitness, health, home services, marketing, property, and therapy. Even if your profession does not fall into one of these categories, Next can still assist you in obtaining the coverage you require when you require it.

Getting a quote online with NEXT is straightforward and fast. Below is a quote for for an accounting firm with 2 full-time employees and $400,000 in annual revenue

Thimble: Best for flexibility 

Markel Insurance Company is behind Thimble Insurance. Although Thimble is relatively new in the game, it benefits from the wealth of experience that Markel Insurance has as an established insurer. 

Thimble provides small business owners with flexible policies that can be purchased by the job, month, or year. The company focuses on small business coverage and has a solid financial footing with AM Best and Standard & Poor’s.

Here is a quote we got from Thimble for for an accounting firm with 2 full-time employees and $400,000 in annual revenue. It literally took us less than 2 mins to get this quote.

What does general liability insurance cover in Connecticut?

General liability insurance, also known as Commercial General Liability (CGL), protects your company from bodily injury claims, associated medical costs, and property damage made to another person or business. 

To help you understand better, here are some scenarios where general liability insurance can help you in Connecticut:

Bodily injury to a third party caused by your work

A client visits your workplace to inspect a couch you are repairing for them. While there, the client is injured after tripping over one of your harmers. As a carpenter, your general liability insurance policy may cover the costs associated with the client’s injuries.

Property damage to a third party caused by your work, products, or the activities of your employees

An IT consultant is putting in a new network at a client’s place of business. Several vital files are corrupted while transferring data from the old server to the new one. The client sues the consultant for the financial consequences of the data loss. These expenses could be covered by a general liability policy, thereby protecting the IT consultant.

Libel, slander, or business disparagement 

Two of your workers made disparaging remarks about a client without knowing he was there. The client overheard the conversation and filed a lawsuit against you and your employees. General liability insurance might protect you and your employees from the damage claims from the suit.

Learn more at general liability insurance coverage article.

Requirements for general liability insurance in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut does not require that businesses have General Liability. However, in some cases, your company might need the insurance policy. For instance, you may sign a contract for work with a client, requiring you to prove you have general liability coverage. 

Some landlords in Connecticut may also require you to maintain general liability insurance while you are a tenant. If your business also requires a license or permit from a professional body in Connecticut, you might need general liability insurance to keep your license or permit. 

Lenders may also require general liability coverage if you are financing a building or equipment.

Besides, failing to carry general liability insurance means you have to pay for all expenses incurred due to a claim made against your company. So, even if it isn’t required by law, it should be a top priority for your company.

Why should small businesses in Connecticut get general liability insurance?

Commercial general liability insurance assists in covering the costs of claims made against your company by people who suffer physical injury or property damage while on your business premises, while your employees are performing their job duties, or while using your products. 

These expenses could include legal defense, a judgment, or a settlement. Suppose you or your employees interact with customers in person, have access to their property, advertise or market your services, work on job sites, or enter into contracts that require general liability coverage. In that case, commercial general liability insurance is for you.

How much does general liability insurance cost in Connecticut?

The average monthly cost for general liability insurance in Connecticut is $63. Remember, this is only an average and is not guaranteed to be what you will pay. The specifics of your business determine your rates.

Be sure to shop with several companies or with a digital broker like CoverWallet to compare several quotes to select the best and the cheapest one for your business.

What affects the cost of  general liability insurance in Connecticut?

The amount of risk that the insurer accepts determines the cost of general liability insurance for businesses in Connecticut. There are numerous risk exposures that influence policy pricing. These risks are defined by certain factors such as:


Rates for commercial general liability insurance vary depending on your location in Connecticut. People that live in more populated areas have to pay more because the chances of accidents are more. 

So, a carpenter in Stamford or Bridgeport will likely pay more than a carpenter in Essex or Canterbury, even if the size of their business is the same.  

Coverage limits and deductibles

The higher coverage limits and the lower deductibles of your policy are, the more expensive the general liability insurance is. A $1M/$3M policy is more expensive than a $100K/$300K policy. Similarly, a policy with $100 deductible is more expensive than one with $500 deductible. Make sure you should the right coverage limits and the right deductible amount for your policy to get the best price.

Risk exposure

Depending on your industry, your commercial general liability insurance costs may be high or low. For instance, a software engineer might pay less for general liability than a carpenter because his profession carries fewer risks.  

Business size

The bigger your business is, the more expensive your general liability insurance cost will be. Bigger businesses have more and bigger locations and more customers, which increases the likelihood for an accident to happen.

Business stability

The number of years you’ve been in business and your demonstrated financial stability can help you save money on commercial general liability insurance. Insurers believe newer companies are risky because they do not have the experience to avoid some critical mistakes. 

Claims history

Having a history of liability claims will generally result in higher general liability insurance premiums.

How to find cheap general liability insurance in Connecticut?

The good thing about general liability is that you can reduce the cost. So, you don’t have to avoid it because it’s costly. The following are some suggestions to help you find cheap general liability insurance:

Shop around for the best policy

If you need the best policy, ask for it. The thing is, not all insurers are the same, and so their cost varies. But the problem is, some very cheap policies offer low-quality coverage. So, as you look for cheap policies, ensure that you check what they offer you.

Buy a bundle policy

Some insurers offer general liability as part of a broader policy called the Business owners’ policy. This policy will offer you other coverages you need in addition to the general liability at a cheaper rate.  

Ask for discounts

Insurers might also offer a discount to their customers at times. Some offer you a discount for being a new customer. Others may offer you a discount for paying for an annual subscription, and in some cases, you can get discounts for paying with your credit card. 

So, if you need a discount, ask the insurer to know if you qualify for one. 

Have a risk management plan

If you take precautions to guard against risk, your liability insurance premiums may be lower than the national average. Risk management can include installing security systems on your premises or offering employee training programs.

Learn more at the cheapest general liability insurance companies

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