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6 Best Commercial Auto Insurance in Michigan for 2022

There are more than 886,000 small businesses in Michigan, employing more than 1.9 million workers. These small businesses must have commercial auto insurance if they use a vehicle for business purposes. Commercial auto insurance is legally required in the state of Michigan. 

If you are looking for commercial auto insurance in Michigan, this article shares with you the best providers that we recommend and everything else you need to know to buy a commercial auto insurance policy at affordable rates in Michigan. 

6 best commercial auto insurance companies in Michigan

The best way to save money on commercial auto insurance is to get quotes from at least three companies. Different companies place more emphasis on different things, like location or industry, and some may offer more discounts. Below are the 6 best commercial auto insurance companies that we recommend in Michigan. 

Companies Pros Cons 
Progressive: Best Overall -The biggest commercial auto insurer
-Easy to get online quotes, within 10 minutes
-Multiple discounts
-Rideshare insurance is available
-Covers a wide range of commercial vehicles
-Some online reviews are less than stellar
Simply Business: Best for comparing several quotes-Digital broker that can compare several quotes from partner companies
-Good customer satisfaction ratings
-Good for working with agents
-They don’t underwrite any insurance, so you can’t file claims through Simply Business
-Only offers quotes from companies they partner with
InsurePro: Best for short-term, pay-per-day coverage-Digital broker specializing in short term or seasonal insurance 
-Significant savings if you only need coverage for short period, ie. a few days
-Fast and simple online quotes
-Can’t file a claim through InsurePro
-Relatively new company
The Hartford: Best for fleets -Many years of experience (one of the oldest insurance companies around)
-Customizable coverage
-Can’t buy a policy online: must work with an agent Best for working with knowledgeable agents-Extensive network of agents with experience in many industries
-Agents can help you figure out what types of insurance you need
-No tools for managing your policy online
-No mobile app
Smart Financial: Best for finding minimum liability-only coverage-Quick process
-Excellent resources on the website
-Compare quotes from many insurance companies
-Matches you with an insurance company, but you have to re-enter all your information to get a quote

Commercial auto insurance requirements in Michigan

Michigan requires everyone to have mandatory no-fault insurance. There are three parts to every policy:

  • Personal injury protection (PIP): Pays for bodily injury and medical expenses, including lost wages, for you and for your passengers.
  • Property Protection Insurance: This covers you for the damages to other people’s property, such as parked cars, fences, and buildings.
  • Residual liability insurance: Pays for bodily injury and property damage you cause in an accident where no-fault laws don’t apply. This could include accidents where you seriously injure or kill someone, if you are involved in an accident with someone who is not a Michigan resident, or if you are in an accident outside of Michigan. 

Michigan requires everyone to have at least a  50/100/25 policy: $50,000 per person, $100,000 per accident and $50,000 in property damage. This is the bare minimum. One accident with more than one passenger can easily exceed the $100,000 limit. 

Commercial auto insurance in all cities in Michigan 

Commercial auto insurance is required legally in all cities in Michigan. If you use a vehicle for any business purpose in any city in Michigan, you must have commercial auto insurance: 

DetroitLansing cityCanton
Grand Rapids cityClinton charter townshipMacomb
Warren cityFlint cityTroy city
Sterling HeightsDearbornWestland
Ann Arbor cityLivonia

What does commercial auto insurance cover? 

Commercial auto insurance works like your personal auto policy does: it covers you for bodily injury and third party property damage if you are in an accident. In addition to the bare minimum of bodily injury and property damage insurance, you can also get collision and comprehensive insurance, which covers any damage to your commercial vehicle if it’s in an accident, or if it’s damaged by weather, vandalism, or theft. 

Learn more at Commercial Auto vs. Personal Auto Insurance: Why You Need to Know the Difference?

Who needs commercial auto insurance in Michigan? 

If you drive for work (with the exception of commuting back and forth) you need commercial auto insurance. Personal auto insurance will not cover you if your insurance company finds out you were driving for any business-related reason, such as visiting clients, making deliveries, or transporting people. People who drive for Lyft or Uber can sometimes get something called Rideshare insurance, which was developed for such uses. 

How much does commercial auto insurance cost in Michigan? 

The average cost of commercial auto insurance in Michigan is $542 per month, or $6,504 per year. Most small businesses in Michigan pay between $5,100 and $8,820 per year for their commercial auto insurance policy, making Michigan one of the more expensive states for commercial auto insurance. 

However, a lot of different factors go into the cost of commercial auto insurance, so you might pay less (or more). Be sure to shop around with a few companies or work with a top broker like Simply Business, InsurePro, or CoverWallet to compare several quotes in one place to select the cheapest one for your business. If you want to get quotes online, Progressive and InsurePro are the only two providers offering commercial auto insurance quotes online. 

What factors impact commercial auto insurance cost in Michigan?

Many things influence what you’ll pay for commercial auto insurance, such as:

  • What kind of car/truck you drive: if you drive a tractor trailer, you will pay more for insurance than someone who drives a Toyota Camry. Generally, the larger and heavier the vehicle, the more it costs to insure because it will cause more damage if it’s involved in an accident
  • Driving record: your driving record and any people who drive for you. Even one ticket can raise your rates by hundreds of dollars a year. 
  • How far you drive: if you typically drive less than 50 miles, you’ll pay less than someone who drives hundreds of miles. The insurance companies figure the longer you drive, the more time you’re on the road, the more likely it is that you’ll be in an accident. 
  • Claims history: if you have previous violations and or claims, you’ll pay a higher rate than someone who has never had an accident or violation
  • How much insurance you buy: the state does set forth minimum coverages, but these are very low. Just one accident can easily bankrupt you, so you’ll want to consider more coverage
  • Deductible: you can save money on insurance by having a higher deductible, but just make sure you have that money set aside somewhere in case you need it
  • Location: even within the same state, rates vary by location/zip code, as some areas have higher crime rates than others

How to get cheap commercial auto insurance in Michigan

The easiest and most effective way to save money on commercial auto insurance is to get several quotes from at least three insurance companies. You might be surprised at how much rates vary among companies. Also, it doesn’t take much effort to fill out online forms or even speak to someone on the phone. It’s a great return for the investment of just an hour or two. 

You can also ask about discounts. Many companies offer discounts for things like paying in full, using electronic fund transfer to pay premiums, bundling with your homeowners insurance, or professional organization membership. You are bound to qualify for at least a few discounts.

Emphasize safety: drivers can sometimes cut corners or drive while tired if they have a deadline they need to meet. Make sure to stress the importance of safe driving, and encourage employees to drive only when alert and rested. 

Make sure vehicles are maintained and inspected before each trip. Inspections such as these can catch minor problems before they become major problems and lead to an accident. 

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Get commercial auto insurance quotes online in Michigan

So far, the only company that consistently gives online quotes is Progressive. InsurePro is another broker that provides commercial auto insurance quotes online in Michigan. A few other online brokers that pull quotes from several insurance companies that are worth looking into, such as:

  • Simply Business
  • CoverWallet
  • Smart Financial

They are worth a look. Some of them will only hook you up with an insurance company, so you’ll have to enter your information again when you get to that company’s website. But it’s still worthwhile, as you could save hundreds of dollars. 

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Commercial auto insurance policy examples in Michigan  

Different companies will pay different amounts for their commercial auto insurance policies. Below are a few examples for your reference: 

Business A – A casual restaurantBusiness B – A business cleaning serviceBusiness C – An IT consulting firm 
Car types2018 Toyota RAV42019 Hyundai Kona2017 BMW S3
Liability coverage $100K/$300K/$100K$100K/$300K/$100K$100K/$300K/$100K
Comprehensiveincluded with $500 deductible included with $500 deductible included with $1,000 deductible 
Collision Included with $500 deductibleIncluded with $500 deductibleIncluded with $500 deductible
Underinsured and uninsured $100K/$300K/$25K$100K/$300K/$50K$100K/$300K/$50K
Emergency road serviceIncluded IncludedIncluded 
Rental reimbursement$60/day, $1,800 max$60/day, $1,800 max$80/day, $2,400 max
Gap insurance nonoyes , up to $500K
Monthly premiums$580 per month $510 per month$645 per month 
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