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5 Best Commercial Auto Insurance for Delivery Drivers

If you are a delivery driver, you know that you need commercial auto insurance to protect your vehicle and you while you’re on the road. Whether you drive for a large company or are a self-employed freelance gig worker, you won’t be covered in an accident if you don’t have the appropriate insurance. Let’s look at commercial auto insurance for delivery drivers and discuss what it is and which 5 companies we think are best for your situation. 

5 best commercial auto insurance companies for delivery drivers 

If you deliver goods as your source of income, you require commercial auto insurance to protect yourself and your vehicle. Your personal insurance coverage alone won’t cover you when driving your car for work. We’ve chosen five companies to review for you here. 

  • Progressive: Best Overall
  • InsurePro: Best for short-term and pay-per-day coverage
  • biBERK: Best for low-cost coverage
  • THREE: Best for comprehensive delivery commercial auto policy
  • GEICO: Best for hybrid rideshare policy

We attempted to get quotes from three companies for commercial auto insurance for delivery drivers. We were successful in getting two of the three. The third was having technical difficulties, and their website was down. We got a quote for a delivery driver delivering parcels using a 2012 Dodge Caravan. 

Progressive: Best Overall

Progressive offers coverage for delivery drivers who use their personal vehicles to deliver packages or food for different companies or their own companies. You can access quotes online and complete the information process for purchasing your policy online. 

Progressive prides itself on its customer service. You can bundle a commercial policy with a personal policy or other policies (like homeowners) to save money. They also offer safe driver programs to help save on your premium.

The quote we received is for the life of the policy, 12 months. It costs $1,389 per year, or $120 per month. They offer monthly payments that you can choose to make, but the amount you see on the quote is the complete policy payment if you pay by the month. However, you will save some money if you pay for the entire premium at once. 

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InsurePro: Best for short-term pay-per-day coverage

InsurePro calls itself an insurance marketplace. They shop for and compare rates from more than 20 insurance companies. InsurePro prides itself on helping customers find the right policy to meet their needs. They check with multiple companies to get the best possible rates. 

InsurePro offers coverages mandated by state laws. They also provide additional coverages to suit your personal needs. 

The unique differentiator of InsurePro is its short-term pay-per-day commercial auto coverage. If you only drive part-time or only need coverage for a short period, InsurePro is the best option for you. You will be able save lots of money thanks to its short-term coverage.

We attempted to get a quote from InsurePro for the same delivery driver that we got other quotes for, but unfortunately, InsurePro’s website was down, and we were unable to get a quote successfully. 

biBERK: Best for low-cost coverage

biBERK is one of the Berkshire Hathaway insurance companies. The company’s focus is a simple online shopping experience. You can do most of your business with them online, but they also have agents available if you need them. 

biBERK focuses on its direct-to-customers business model, bypassing agents and brokers. They focus on cutting costs, passing savings to its customers, and helping them save on premiums. They claim that they help save their customers 20% on premiums.

We got a quote from biBERK for our delivery driver in the Grand Caravan. biBERK quoted the monthly premium price. You’ll see the result below. 

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THREE: Best for comprehensive delivery commercial auto policy

THREE is another Berkshire Hathaway insurance company. The company’s goal is to provide its customers with simple, easy-to-understand policies. They strive to keep the length of their policies to no more than three pages. 

A small business policy from THREE includes general liability, commercial property, cybersecurity insurance, workers’ compensation, and commercial auto insurance all in one policy. Most other companies write those as separate policies with separate premiums. 

GEICO: Best for a delivery hybrid policy

GEICO does its delivery driver insurance differently than other companies. The company offers a hybrid policy that replaces a personal policy and covers you regardless of why you are driving. If you choose to purchase a GEICO rideshare hybrid policy, you can drive for as many companies as you want and still be covered by the same policy. 

The policy could offer a deductible that is as low as $250. This hybrid policy offered by GEICO is available in 40 out of 50 states. The agent who provides you with your quote will tell you if the policy is available in your state. 

What is commercial auto insurance for delivery drivers?

Commercial auto insurance for delivery drivers protects the policyholder while they are actively on their route, actively delivering. If something happens while they are on the job, the insurance will help with medical expenses and other costs. 

This helps drivers feel confident about working in the delivery industry. If there is a mishap, the insurance company can cover the damage covered by your policy, and you won’t be out of pocket for the costs. 

Who needs commercial auto insurance for delivery drivers?

Anyone who uses their personal vehicle for delivery needs to consider a commercial auto insurance policy. Their personal policy will likely not cover the liability of an accident on the job. Personal auto insurance policies may not cover your damages if you have an accident while delivering food or other goods.  

How much does commercial auto insurance for delivery drivers cost? 

The prices for commercial auto insurance for delivery drivers vary based on several factors. For one thing, the cost of premiums will be different if you must have a completely different policy or if your company has an add-on for rideshare and delivery. 

The average cost of a complete commercial auto insurance policy is $175 per month, or $2,100 per year. Most people pay from $120 to $250 per month for a standard commercial auto insurance policy.

An add-on is simply an addition to your personal auto policy. It will increase your rates slightly, but it won’t be as expensive as purchasing a straight commercial policy. The average cost of a rideshare add-on to a personal auto insurance policy is $18 per month. It usually costs from $9 to $32 per month, depending several factors.

In addition to the kind of policy and coverage level you purchase, the type of car you drive can affect your rates. Personal details like your driving record also affect your rates, as does your location. 

Shopping around for quotes is beneficial for anyone purchasing auto insurance, whether commercial or personal. The best companies will help you create a policy that is affordable for you with easy claims procedures and available discounts. 

How to find cheap commercial auto insurance for delivery drivers?

There are a few ways to help you find cheap delivery driver insurance. Here are the tips we’ve compiled for searching for cheap commercial auto insurance for delivery drivers. 

  1. Shop around for the best rates. Shop multiple companies or compare quotes using a digital broker.
  2. Maintain a clean driving record.
  3. Use any “safe driving” monitoring equipment your company offers to get the best rates.
  4. Buy your cars based on their safety ratings and maintainability.
  5. Think about taking driving classes to reduce rates.  

Final thoughts

If you’re a delivery driver who uses your own car to deliver goods, you need specialized insurance to keep you covered when you work. Your personal auto policy won’t cover you if you have an accident when delivering items.

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