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1st Guard Truck Insurance Review 2023

Several insurance companies provide commercial truck insurance. How do you know which one to choose? By doing research and reading reviews, you can make a more informed choice overall. 

One insurance company that offers commercial truck insurance policies is 1st Guard. We decided to take a closer look at 1st Guard and what they provide for truck insurance.

What is 1st Guard?

1st Guard is an insurance company based in Florida specializing in commercial vehicle insurance. They focus their services on trucks. They offer non-trucking liability, physical damage, and occupational accident insurance in addition to the typical basic liability insurance coverage. 

If you’re looking for experience in the trucking industry, 1st Guard has it. The company has been offering commercial trucking insurance for over 80 years. The company’s month-to-month payment plan helps truckers get started with insurance without a significant upfront expense. 

Features that stand out from others in the industry are the included towing coverage and the referral program. If your truck is inoperable and the loss is a covered occurrence, 1st Guard takes care of the full towing charge to the nearest repair shop. 

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The coverage of 1st Guard truck insurance

Three primary coverages comprise the 1st Guard insurance offerings. Their top three offerings are physical damage insurance, non-trucking liability, and occupational accident insurance. The people at 1st Guard are dedicated to keeping the people of the trucking industry protected while they are doing their jobs. Being on the road day in and day out comes with its own set of risks, and truckers face those risks head-on. 

The physical damage insurance offered by 1st Guard is one of the best in the trucking industry. The coverage provides fixing or replacing tractors or trailers that are damaged while performing the job. The physical damage coverage includes towing, one deductible for both tractor and trailer (involved in the same incident), and an option to waive the deductible with an approved grille guard—as well as optional coverages that can be added, such as emergency expense (lodging and transportation) coverage and coverage of lost income during the downtime following an accident. This company even extends this coverage to include personal use. 

Normally, accidents that happen during the personal use of your truck would not be covered. However, non-trucking liability insurance coverage from 1st Guard covers accidents that occur when you use your truck for personal use that was a non-economic venture.

Work injuries are a risk that truckers accept daily. Many owner-operators don’t fall under the purview of workers’ compensation legislation. 1st Guard offers two main options to cover this gap.

  1. Workers’ compensation for fleet owners — Some qualifications must be met for this insurance. Call 1st Guard to see if you qualify. Learn more at the best workers comp insurance for truckers
  2. Passenger accident insurance coverage — Many truckers have passengers join them on the road. This insurance will cover the passenger should they get hurt while riding with the trucker. 
  3. Occupational accident insurance – Truck drivers are usually hired as independent contractors and are not provided with workers comp insurance. 1st Guard offers occupational accident insurance for truckers to protect them from injuries while driving a truck. Learn more at the best occupational accident insurance companies for truckers .

1st Guard offers customized insurance solutions to fleet owners if you require fleet insurance. A trained representative can assist with choosing the tools that best serve your fleet, whether that’s fleet analytics, support, or the ability to add drivers and equipment to your policy quickly. Having the fleet program also gives you access to online reporting, claim management, and access to all documents online. 

Saving money with 1st Guard

The referral program saves you money on your premiums. Each time you refer a trucker to the company, you have the potential to earn money off your next bill. 

The company also has a single deductible for both truck and trailer if they are involved in the same incident. Additionally, an approved grille guard could score you no deductible at all. 

1st Guard advertises three types of discounts:

  • Automatic electronic payments
  • Participation in the company’s Project Green
  • Signing up your trucking company with 1st Guard

They offer other discounts, but they are not made public via their website. You will need to discuss discount eligibility with your agent. 

How to get a quote from 1st Guard

Many companies offer online quotes for insurance now. 1st Guard says they offer online quotes; however, it’s a combination of online and phone quoting systems. You complete a form online, and an agent contacts you via telephone to discuss quote coverages. The company does have a reputation for always having someone available to talk with you on the phone, and they are said to be at the top of the industry when it comes to customer service. 

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1st Guard ratings

Financial strength and good customer service are hallmarks of a good insurance company. The way for the average person to know how an insurance company rates is to check the AM Best Financial rating and the BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating

Founded in 1937, 1st Guard started as a small business insurance agency. They’re based in Florida now, but they began in Detroit. They have also extended and changed their focus to the realm of commercial truck insurance. 

1st Guard underwrites its own policies. They have an A rating with AM Best. That means they have an excellent rating for financial stability. 

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives 1st Guard an A+ rating. They have received this rating even though they aren’t accredited with the BBB. There aren’t any customer reviews on the BBB page. The company’s NAIC complaint ratio shows they have zero complaints, which puts them well below the national average in that category. 

Final thoughts

For truckers wanting a company specializing in insurance for their industry, 1st Guard seems to fit that bill. The company focuses on truck insurance and offers coverages above that of many other truck insurance companies. The BBB and AM Best both give 1st Guard excellent ratings. That means they are both financially stable and provide excellent customer service. To get a quote from 1st Guard, you can complete an online form and have one of their agents contact you via telephone to discuss products and pricing.

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