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Proliability offers all manner of professional liability insurance to numerous professions. They are a subsidiary of Mercer Consumer, a service of Mercer Health and Benefits Administration. Their parent company is Marsh & McLennan, which is an insurance brokerage and risk management company. They have medical malpractice insurance, professional liability insurance, and errors and omissions insurance and have been in business since 1949. Learn more about the differences among these three types of insurance: Professional Liability vs. Malpractice vs. E&O Insurance: How Are They Different?

Pros and Cons of Proliability Insurance

– Easy online quoting for healthcare professionals
– Reasonable rates
– Discounts for many professional associations
– Students get a discount
– Available in all 50 states
– Choose between claims-made or occurrence coverage
– If you want business insurance, you have to fill out a form and someone will call you
– Only offer malpractice or errors and omissions insurance;
if you want other business insurance, you’ll have to go elsewhere

Products Offered by Proliability Insurance

As the name suggests, Proliability insurance offers professional liability insurance. They offer malpractice insurance for healthcare professionals and errors and omissions insurance (E&O) for business professionals. 

Healthcare liability: Getting a quote is easy. You can get a quote, apply online, and get insurance in less than ten minutes. You probably have some liability protection through your employer, but as Proliabilty points out, that insurance is really designed to protect them, not you. You get a discount if you’re a member of either the AANPCP, ANCC, AACN, or other professional organizations, which are listed for you in a drop down menu on the quote form. 

For a registered nurse in the state of California, employed full-time with a critical care specialty, we got this quote:

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If you’re happy with your quote, you can pay with a credit card, and viola! You’re insured. If you’d like a higher limit than $1 million per incident and $6 million annually per aggregate, you can call, and someone will help you. If you’re still a student, you get a discounted rate. 

Proliability provides malpractice insurance for any healthcare professionals. Below are some examples:

>>MORE: Get a Quote from Proliability as a Healthcare Professional

Business Liability insurance: Proliability offers errors and omissions insurance to most business professionals. Here is a partial list:

If you want business errors and omissions insurance, you have to fill out a form, then someone will contact you within 24 hours. 

>>MORE: Get a Quote from Proliability as a non-Healthcare Professional

Financial Strength Rating of Proliability Insurance

Proliability is a subsidiary of Mercer Insurance Company, which gets a rating of A for financial strength from A.M. Best. Mercer’s parent company is Marsh & McLennan, which is a global company with subsidiaries throughout the world. It would appear they would have no trouble meeting their financial obligations. 

Customer Satisfaction Rating of Proliability Insurance

Neither Proliability, Mercer, nor Marsh & McLennan appear on J.D. Power’s insurance rankings, so we will have to consider other sources. 

Mercer is listed under United Fire Group on the BBB website. United Fire is yet another of their partners. United Fire gets a A+ rating from the BBB, and they are accredited. There are six customer complaints and three one-star reviews. The complaints seem to be centered around communication and being billed after canceling. Six complaints are not a lot. 

On Trustpilot, Proliability has over 10,000 reviews, mostly very positive. They got an average score of 4.7 out of five. Many customers comment on how easy the process was and how they got a decent rate with Proliability. 

Consumer Complaints Rating of Proliability Insurance

Since Proliability is a subsidiary of Mercer Insurance Company, we looked up Mercer on the NAIC’s website. The NAIC rates every insurance company on a complaint index, with the average median score being 1.0, meaning a company has as many complaints as you would expect. Mercer got a score of 0.0, meaning there were no registered complaints. 

Digital Experience Rating of Proliability Insurance

Healthcare professionals enjoy a quick and seamless quote process. Within ten minutes, you can get a quote, apply, pay and be insured. 

If you’re a business professional seeking errors and omissions insurance, the process is not quite as quick. There really is no online quoting for business professionals; you have to fill out a form and then someone gets back to you. 

You can easily renew your policy online or pay online. If you need to file a claim or if you are named in a lawsuit, you will need to send a written request by mail—there’s no way to do that online. 

Last Thoughts

If you’re a healthcare professional of almost any variety, you would do well to get malpractice insurance from Proliability. The easy online application process, reasonable rates, and excellent reviews make it an excellent choice. 

If you’re a business professional, it depends. If you only need errors and omissions insurance, Proliability might be worth a look. However, many business professionals are also interested in other types of insurance as well, such as commercial auto or workers compensation. If that’s your situation, a company offering different types of policies might be a better bet. 

Thang Truong

Thang Truong covers small business insurance and small business success at BravoPolicy. He is a licensed P&C insurance agent. Previously, he held product leadership positions at, Capital One, NerdWallet, and Mulberry Technology. He holds a MBA degree from UC Berkeley - Haas School of Business.

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