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HPSO (Healthcare Providers Service Organization) Review

HPSO (Healthcare Providers Service Organization) offers professional liability insurance for all types of healthcare professionals. They insure individuals, businesses, medical practices and schools. HPSO insures over a million such professionals and have since 1991. 

Like NSO (Nursing Service Organization), HPSO is registered trade name of Affinity Insurance Services. Their parent company is Aon Corporation. They are endorsed by many healthcare membership organizations, such as The American Physical Therapy Association, The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians and many local organizations. 

Since HPSO shares a common parent company, the website is similar to the NSO website. However, while NSO covers nurses and only nurses, anyone who works in health care can find coverage with HPSO. 

Pros & Cons of HPSO

– Fast, easy quoting
– Excellent customer reviews
– Many healthcare professions represented
– You can only get up to a $1 million per occurrence/$3 million annual aggregate
– Other types of insurance are actually offered by subsidiaries

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Products Offered by HPSO

HPSO offers professional liability insurance, or often called malpractice insurance in the healthcare industry, for over 150 healthcare professions, including:

Getting a quote for professional liability insurance as an individual is very easy. You can apply, be accepted and be on your way in less than five minutes. 

You can get professional liability insurance for individuals, business owners, and schools. If you are a business owner, you can also get:

To apply for professional liability insurance if you’re looking to insure a school, there’s a blanket protection policy available, but you have to download a form, print it, and send it in to get a quote. 

In addition to professional liability insurance, HPSO also offers a limited number of personal insurance, such as:

  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Group accidental death and dismemberment
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Home and auto insurance (referred through Liberty Mutual)
  • Real estate benefit
  • Involuntary unemployment and disability insurance

The life insurance is available and underwritten by New York Life. You choose the monthly premium you can afford, your age, the state where you live, and whether or not you use tobacco and the online system tells you how much insurance you can afford at the rate you’ve chosen. For example, a 40-year old male, non-smoker, living in California who wants to pay $40.00 a month can get $200,000 worth of life insurance. HPSO bills this as basic, no-frills term insurance at group rates. 

The home and auto insurance are from Liberty Mutual but being an HPSO member earns you a 12% discount on your rates. 

The real estate benefit is unique, in that we’ve only seen one other company offer this benefit, and that was NSO, which is owned by the same parent company, Affinity Insurance Services. How it works is you contact their partner, Relocal Move, and if you sell your home through one of their agents, you get a rebate when your home sells. They claim the average rebate is $1,600.

Financial Strength Rating of HPSO

Affinity Insurance Services gets a solid B++ rating from A.M. Best, which is good, and it has a stable outlook. If you research Affinity’s parent company, AON Insurance, they get an A (Excellent) rating. Either way, it would appear that HPSO has the resources it needs to pay claims.

Customer Satisfaction Rating of HPSO

HPSO, Affinity Insurance Services, or AON does not appear on J.D. Power’s ranking of insurance companies, so we will have to consider other sources. 

HPSO has over 8,000 reviews on Reseller Ratings, with an average score of 4.72 out of five. That’s a 96% positive rating. Most people praise how quick and easy it was to get insured and seem very happy with their experience. 

HPSO gets a B+ rating on the BBB website, although it’s not accredited. It has 24 customer complaints in the last three years, and four reviews. Three reviews are one-star and one person left a four-star review.

Consumer Complaints Rating of HPSO

The NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) rates every company on a complaint index. A score of 1.0 means a company got exactly the number of complaints one might expect. We couldn’t find a score for Affinity Insurance Company, or for AON financial.

Digital Experience Rating of HPSO

Getting a quote for professional liability insurance is very easy with HPSO. Simply enter your state of residence, whether or not you’re employed full-time or part-time, and whether you graduated from school in the last 12 months, and you’ll have a quote. This one is for a physical therapist living in California, employed full-time. 

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In addition, if you’re a student you get a discount. 

You can pay your bill online, review your policy, renew an existing policy, and request proof of coverage on the website. 

There are many questions you can refer to if you need help with a specific situation in the FAQ’s section. 

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Last Thoughts

If you’re a health care professional of any kind, HPSO is worth a look. The online application process is remarkably easy, and customer reviews are very positive. Shop around, of course, but get a quote from HPSO and see who has the best price.

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