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Where Can You Get Instant Life Insurance Quotes Online?

Life insurance is often known for its detailed medical exams and long forms to fill out. As such, it can be hard to find quotes. Yet there are places and policies that allow you to get quick quotes. If you’re interested in term life or final expense life insurance, you can often find quick quotes from online brokers and life insurance startups.

However, if you are interested in traditional whole life insurance or any universal life insurance products such as guaranteed, indexed, and variable policy, you will not be able to get instant quotes online. These products are rather complicated with lots of details and nuances that require a licensed agent or financial advisors to understand your situations and goals to recommend and explain the right product for you.

Below we’ll look at some of the major companies and what it’s like to find instant life insurance quotes. 

Online Brokers That Give Instant Life Insurance Quotes 

Below we’ll look at what it is like to get instant life insurance quotes from the four biggest life insurance online brokers. We pulled term life quotes for a 45-year-old non-smoker man in Wisconsin who wanted $150,000 in coverage to see how each compare.

Quotacy: Instant Fast Quotes with an Online Application; No Spammy Phone Calls or Emails

This easy form allowed us to enter a zip code, gender, birth date and whether the person smoked. Then it gave us some basic health questions. For all health questions in this article, we said the man is 5’10’ and 180 pounds with no outstanding medical issues. We got the following screen. We love Quotacy the most among all 4 online brokers we examine since it offers what we consider the most consumers-friendly experience: instant quotes online from 15+ insurance companies without asking for our contact information.

This is what we could capture on one screen. There are actually 10 companies to compare, making this the most comprehensive process for instant life insurance quotes.    

If you select one of these quotes, Quotacy will take you an online application, which takes 4 mins to complete.

Policygenius: Instant Quotes After You Provide Email Address; Easy to Select the Right Ones; Emails and Phone Calls can be Spammy

This site starts by having you enter your zip code. Then it loads you into a process where it asks questions like if this is your first time buying life insurance and when you need the policy to start. Then it asks the usual, like your birthdate. It does get a little more detailed, asking about height and medications taken, for instance. We eventually got the following screen after provide our email address.

The layout does a good job of outlining different insurers clearly. However, it doesn’t allow you to fill out a full application online. After you select the right carrier for you, PolicyGenius does a good job of informing you what will happen next. Right after, you can expect to receive lots of emails and phone calls from PolicyGenius to complete your full application.

HealthIQ: No Instant Quotes Until You Provide Your Contact Information

HealthIQ quickly advances through screens with individual questions, the usual about age, height, weight, health and other personal details. This system does get a little more detailed, asking for your address, name and phone number. We actually didn’t complete the quote process for this company because there is a disclaimer requiring that you agree to receive sales calls at the phone number you list. If you’re not comfortable with that, this isn’t the quote site for you.  

For the purpose of having instant quotes online, we don’t think this is a good option for consumers.

SelectQuote: No Instant Quotes Until You Provide Your Contact Information 

SelectQuote also quickly advances through each page as you enter information, making for a seamless quote process. The process asks the usual personal details about age, height and whatnot. This one does ask about any risky hobbies or activities you engage in, like sky diving.  We entered that we didn’t do any of that. However, as you advance through the process, you find this is another site that wants you to give your consent for the company to call you with sales promotions. If you’re not comfortable with spam, sites like these are not the best for instant life insurance quotes.  

Life Insurance Startups that Provide Instant Quotes

Many newer life insurance companies know that the way people often want to buy insurance is with ease and online. With that in mind, below are four different startups we looked into for instant life insurance quotes. 

Haven Life: Easy to Get Instant Quotes Online; Thoughtful Experience

Haven Life is interesting in that when you go into the quote process, it gives you rates of what people are actually paying:

That has to be one of the easiest ways to get instant life insurance quotes.  

Once you enter in the usual basic information about gender, age, etc., you get an estimate page that looks like this:

To get real prices, you have to apply, however. That requires entering details like your social security number and driver’s license.  

Bestow: Fast Instant Quotes Online

Right in the Google search, Bestow states it offers “fast online term life insurance.” The process is indeed a fast one for the quote. There is a simple form that asks gender, birth date, height, weight, zip code and whether you use nicotine products.

You then get the following estimate screen:

If you hit next, it starts the application process where you have to provide all personal information, including social security and driver license numbers, etc.

Ladder: Requiring a bit More Information than Others

Ladder advances through screens with individual questions, making it easy to find instant life insurance quotes. It wants to know the usual details like your height. Plus, it asks financial details like household income and the remaining balance on your mortgage. We said $70,000 in household income and $100,000 remaining on the mortgage. We eventually got this estimate:

Beyond that is the application process which requires you to provide all personal information.     

Banner / Legal & General has an easy form to fill out asking the basics like height, weight, tobacco use and fitness level. We then got the following estimate for a 20-year term life plan with $150,000 in coverage:

Final Thoughts 

In an industry that usually asks you to give your life story for some online insurance quotes or one that requires you to talk to an agent, it’s nice to know you can find places that will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay if you thinking about term life insurance. The instant life insurance quotes options above can be a wonderful starting point for looking into term life insurance.    

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