Calculator: How Much Do I Need to Save Monthly for Retirement?

Saving for retirement is a very important task that each of us should take seriously. The simple question we often wonder is how much I need to save monthly to ensure that we will have enough money to support our comfortable life in retirement years. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple. Each of us might […]

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Calculator: How Much Retirement Income Will I Have?

We often wonder how much retirement income we will have when we retire and where the income comes from. Here is a calculator which helps you calculate how much retirement income you will have when you retire; where the income comes from; and what you can do increase your retirement income. [CP_CALCULATED_FIELDS id=”11″] You can […]

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Calculator: How Much Retirement Savings Will I Have?

Regardless how old we are, we all should start saving for retirement. Saving for retirement will take a long time to accumulate sufficient fund to support us with a comfortable life in retirement years. “How much retirement savings I will have when I retire” is a common question people usually have. The oversimplified answers to […]

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Calculator: How Much Total Retirement Savings Do I Need?

To support your comfortable living in your retirement years, you have probably figured out how much monthly income you will need when you retire. If you have not, common advice suggests that you will need 70-80% of the income you have prior to retirement. Since it is uncertain to know for sure how long you […]

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