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Top 6 Providers of Workers Compensation Insurance in California

California has the second most expensive workers compensation insurance in the country—only New York has higher rates. This is because the cost of living in California is higher than most areas of the country, so the rates for insurance are similarly high. You’ll need workers compensation insurance if you have even one employee in California. Obviously, you don’t want to spend more money than you have to, so here are the top providers of workers compensation insurance in California. 

All the quoted rates assumed a café with 5 employees and $160,000 in payroll.

Top 6 Providers of Workers Compensation Insurance in California

We crunched the numbers and studied 12 companies offering workers compensation insurance in California. Here are the top 6 companies that we recommend:

California State Compensation Insurance Fund: Best Overall

This state sponsored guarantees coverage for employers in California. It competes with private insurers and offers quotes online. They may have discounts for high-premium industries. In spite of the name, they are not part of the State of California. They insure almost a quarter of all California businesses. You can get an online quote by filling out your payroll, business address and business type and they’ll figure out the rest. 


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Pie Insurance: Best Online Quotes and Purchase and Reasonable Rates

Pie is a relatively new company that specializes in online workers compensation insurance. They claim you can save up to 30%, although they weren’t the lowest quote we got. It is fast and easy to get a quote, though, and you can purchase insurance online and be on your way in less than ten minutes. They have excellent reviews, with most customers praising how fast and easy the whole process was. Read our review of Pie Insurance

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The Hartford: Best for Added Coverages and Highly Reputable Insurance Company

The Hartford specializes in small business insurance and has over 5,000 positive reviews. They also have six added coverages to their basic workers compensation insurance, such as extended deadline stop gap coverage and voluntary compensation. You can also choose pay-as-you-go insurance, which makes budgeting easier. Should you need other types of business insurance, The Hartford can do that. 

We couldn’t get a quote from The Hartford. After we put in all of our information, they told us to call them. You’ll need your FEIN to get insurance. 

Read our review of the Hartford Small Business Insurance

Biberk: Best for Online Quotes and Purchase and Financial Strength

It’s super easy to get a quote from Biberk. Just enter your total employee payroll, business address and a few other details, and you get a quote in less than five minutes. You can pay online and get coverage instantly, and your coverage will start immediately. Since they’re a part of Berkshire Hathaway, you can’t get better financial stability. 

The quote below is for a Sacramento based café with 5 employees and $160,000 in payroll. 

Read our review of Biberk Small Business Insurance

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Huckleberry: Best for Affordable Monthly Rates

Huckleberry is a new company, and 100% paperless. You can get a quote, pay, and get insured online, usually in less than five minutes. If you choose pay-as-you-go insurance, you won’t need a down payment. They serve 12 major industries and are backed by Markel, who does their underwriting. 

This isn’t a quote, per se, but a rough estimate. If you have your FEIN number you’ll get an actual quote. When you see an option to buy, you’ll know that your quote is what you’ll pay. 

Read our review of Huckleberry Small Business Insurance

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Hiscox: Best from a reputable small business insurance specialist

Over 400,000 small businesses choose Hiscox who has specialized in offering business insurance to small businesses. In addition to workers compensation insurance, they also have general liability, E & O insurance, cyber security, and more, so if you need multiple policies they can accommodate you. They also have excellent financial strength. You can get a quote online, although we were unable to secure one for our made-up business. You can buy insurance either online or through an agent. 

Read our review of Hiscox Small Business Insurance

Workers Compensation Laws in California

You have to have workers compensation insurance even if you have only one employee. You must provide workers compensation insurance to a California employee even if your business is in another state. Sole proprietors don’t have to have workers compensation, unless you’re a roofer. If you have only part-time employees, you still need workers compensation insurance.

Businesses that use independent contractors only don’t have to have workers compensation insurance, but you may want to require them to get their own workers compensation insurance. You also need to be careful in how you classify employees, as many people falsely believe they are independent contractors when they are actually employees. The IRS can tell you about this. 

There are penalties for not having workers compensation insurance, which include either a $10,000 fine or imprisonment for up to a year, or both. If a worker files a claim that goes to the Workers Compensation Appeals Board, you can be fined up to $10,000 per employee if the injury was found to be compensable and $2,000 per employee if it’s not, for a maximum of $100,000. 

AB5 reclassified some employees from gig economy workers to employees, so now you have to insure them, too. 

How to Save Money on Workers Compensation Insurance

  • Opt for pay-as-you-go workers comp. The insurance is the same, but since it there are no up-front costs and it’s based on payroll, you get more accurate payments.
  • Check professional organizations or trade associations for group rates
  • Have a documented safety program. Actually, this is a requirement in California, so having one won’t save you money, but you still need one. 
  • Consider drug testing to insure a substance-free workplace.
  • Check to make sure classification codes are accurate.
  • Shop around and compare quotes.

Factors Affecting How Much You’ll Pay for Workers Compensation Insurance

Many things go into how much you pay in workers compensation insurance, but the biggest one is what industry you work in and how much risk is involved. People who work in roofing or construction are exposed to more risk, and therefore pay more. Other things affecting rates include:

  • Amount of payroll
  • Number of employees
  • Claim history
  • Size of business
  • State laws

Some states, such as California, charge more for insurance because the overall cost of living is higher. And some, such as California, just have stricter laws. This is why California has high rates for workers compensation insurance. 

How Much does Workers Compensation Insurance Cost in California?

California requires workers compensation insurance if you have even one employee, even if they’re part-time. California workers compensation insurance costs $1.56 per $100 of payroll. This is multiplied by the class code of the employee and then multiplied by how many employees you have. Some examples of how much different class codes will cost you:

  • Clerical: $.040 
  • Restaurant/Bar staff: $4.34
  • Plumbing: $7.01
  • Masonry: $14.63
  • Laborer: $33.57  

Clerical is the cheapest classification, and laborers are the most expensive, at $33.57. So if you are employees many laborers at your company, workers compensation insurance can become very expensive, almost 1/3 of your total payroll. Be sure to shop around with a few companies or a digital broker like CoverWallet so that you can compare several quotes to decide on the cheapest one for your company.

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How to Find Cheap Workers Compensation Insurance in California?

California is in the top 3 states with the most expensive workers compensation insurance. It can be a significant expense to your business, that is legally required. Finding the cheapest workers comp insurance for your business in California is important to keep the operating costs of your business low. Make sure you follow the tips below to find the cheapest workers comp insurance for your company in California.

  • Always compare several quotes: Make sure you shop around with a few insurance companies or a digital broker to compare several quotes to get the cheapest workers compensation insurance quote for your business
  • State programs: Check if there is any state savings program offered by California that your business can be qualified for.
  • Group insurance: if your company is a member of a larger association in California, you may be able to get a group rate on your company’s workers compensation insurance. 
  • Identify potential hazards and fix them. Once you fix them, make sure you notify your insurance agent (if you have one) or report it to your company. Continue improving the safety standard in your company’s workplace and ask for annual reviews when you renew your company’s workers comp insurance policy.
  • Invest in safety education. According to Safety and Health, for every dollar you spend on injury prevention, you’ll earn a ROI of between $2 and $6 dollars. If you’re wondering how to start a safety program, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is a good place to start. After having the safety program in place, you may want to ask your agent to review the workers compensation insurance quote for your company if you are qualified for any discount.
  • Consider drug testing. It should come as no surprise that workers who show up under the influence of drugs or alcohol are more likely to injure themselves or others. Consider to conduct regular drug testing programs for your employees and provide relevant training and incentive programs for your employees to show up at work completely sober.
  • Check classification levels. Every employee type is assigned a classification level, and each level is assigned a rate that reflects the level of risk this type of job has. Obviously, a secretary is exposed to much less risk than a construction worker, even if they work at the same company. Make sure everyone is classified accurately and regularly update this as you are hiring new employees.

What does Workers Compensation Insurance Cover?

Workers compensation insurance covers:

  • Medical expenses for injured or ill employees
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Disability payments
  • Employer liability (if an employee or their family sues you)
  • Supplemental job displacement vouchers (these help with retraining costs if your employee becomes disabled and can’t do their original job)
  • Death benefits (if your employee dies from a work-related accident or illness)

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How is Workers Compensation Insurance Different from General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance protects your business from claims that you caused:

  • Property damage (to someone else’s property, not your own)
  • Bodily injuries to clients 
  • Advertising injuries (slander, copyright infringement, and the like)

General liability insurance does not cover your employees if they get injured on the job—that’s workers compensation insurance. General liability only covers you if a client or a customer injures themselves on your work site. Also, if an employee gets hurt at work and receives workers compensation benefits, they can’t sue and say you were negligent. They can sue you if workers compensation doesn’t cover their loss, though.

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Last Thoughts

Workers compensation insurance is both necessary and required in California. Don’t risk your business by skipping it. Shop around and get the best rates, and stress safety in the workplace.

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