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AmTrust Small Business Insurance Review 2022

Deciding on a business insurance policy is one of the most important choices you’ll make as a small business owner. It takes a great deal of time and energy to build a reputable company. Any assets that are the direct of those efforts need to be safeguarded. When you have the right amount of coverage, you can rest assured that your business and any related assets are safe. AmTrust small business insurance can be an option for your business insurance policy.

In this article we’ll explore what it would be like to choose AmTrust Financial as your insurance provider; first reviewing the company’s reputation and then which services are available and how easy it is to get a quote. Continue reading for the full review.


  • AmTrust, while relatively new to the insurance business has a strong history with a solid A- financial strength rating from A.M. Best. 
  • As a small business, you can create a customized insurance product with the help of AmTrust. Coverages such as workers’ compensation, employment practices liability insurance, cyber liability and businessowners’ policies.
  • Getting a quote online is a smooth process when searching for a hypothetical sole proprietor business who needs general liability insurance for their brand new small business. 


  • AmTrust is a general insurance company, covering all types of small businesses. This could be a con if you are looking for small business insurance from a company specializes in your industry. 
  • Consumer reviews through the Better Business Bureau are less than stellar; the company received 1 star out of 5 and had 19 complaints in the last 3 years with only 2 resolved in the last 12 months.
  • AmTrust is not listed on rankings for either J.D. Power or the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
  • No feedback, positive or negative, is given by actual customers. This con could persuade you to look elsewhere for more transparent insurers.

AmTrust Business Insurance Product Options

Score: 80/100

AmTrust offers seven types of coverage that will protect your business under a variety of circumstances:

  • Workers’ Compensation: a specialized blend of tools and resources help minimize the impact of employee injuries.
  • Commercial Package: a variety of optional coverages are available to create a unique commercial insurance package to protect the ins and outs of your business like no one else.
  • Business Owners’ Policy (BOP): offers flexible and extensive coverage options at an affordable rate to protect you and your business. You can combine general liability and other options into one reasonably priced policy.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI): comprehensive and economical protection that can be added to any qualified policy.
  • Cyber Liability: protects your business against risks such as data breaches by safeguarding servers and identifying phishing scams before they can negatively impact your customers.
  • State Disability: protects your employees from the financial hardships that come with unexpected injuries that make them unable to work.
  • Excess & Surplus: if your business takes on unusual risks, AmTrust offers distinct insurance options to protect the business.

To summarize, AmTrust does not outright mention that they specialize in one specific industry business insurance. Instead, the company provides general small business insurance regardless of industry. This is one of the key takeaways of our AmTrust Business Insurance Review.

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Financial Strength Rating for AmTrust Small Business Insurance

Score: 85/100

Throughout the site AmTrust, specifically, when you click on an insurance product, the company’s rating of an A- from A.M. Best. The rating is corroborated on A.M. Best’s website and notes the rating’s effective date of August 13, 2019. That A- rating has been steady since it was first given to AmTrust in November 2016.

Customer Satisfaction Rating for AmTrust Small Business Insurance

Score: N/A

For this review, we could not find direct feedback from their customers. We looked on the company website and performed a Google search but were directed to GlassDoor for salary information.

Consumer Complaints Rating for AmTrust Small Business Insurance

Score: 30/100

If you search for customer reviews of AmTrust through the Better Business Bureau, consumers who have interacted with the company do not give outright negative reviews. The most common is the long periods of time a consumer has to wait to either get a repair done or promise to call back but do not

Digital Experience Rating for AmTrust Small Business Insurance

Score: 45/100

For this article, we are just going to get a quote for a simple business owner’s policy (BOP) so you know what the process is like. The process details are below. However, we are not able to get a quote online. It seems that AmTrust just collects our information and will match our business with an agent who will reach out to provide us with a quote.

Upon clicking the link, you’re greeted with a screen giving a brief description of the product. On this page, you also have the option to review frequently asked questions and read a blurb on how some of the policies differ. 


After clicking the button to get a quote, you are asked multiple questions about the business. More specifically, you enter the name of it, its location, some of your personal information, which type of coverage you’d like and how long you have been in business. For this instance, we entered generic personal data, selected general liability as our coverage and that it is a brand new venture.


After clicking submit, we received a generic message thanking us for our inquiry and informing us that an agent will reach out. The added option to get more information via links to the company’s resource center and blog was nice.


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Final thoughts

  • AmTrust offers seven main types of business insurance: workers’ compensation, cyber liability, state disability, excess and surplus, employer practices liability insurance, commercial package and business owners’ policy (BOP).
  • AmTrust will state their A- rating from A.M. Best when you click on their workers’ compensation insurance option. To find other ratings you must perform a Google search for the company you’re looking for. We could not find reviews from J.D. Power or the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
  • Getting a quote online from AmTrust was smooth and intuitive. You do not answer many detailed questions due to the general nature of the company. However, the company doesn’t provide a quote online. To get the best coverage, an agent will reach out to you for more details.   
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