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Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance (GUL)

Costs Less Than Half the Cost of Whole Life

Quaranteed and Permanent

GUL Provides Guaranteed and Permanent Coverage for Less Than Half the Cost of Whole Life

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The Power of Guaranteed Universal

Life Insurance (GUL) Product

Permanent and guaranteed

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People from All Walks of Life are Saving Lots of $$$
with Guaranteed Universal Life Policies

Chris, 36 years old, an engineer, lives in Dallas, TX with his wife and 2 kids.
Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Policy provides lifelong, permanent, and guaranteed death benefit at reasonable price (55%+ cheaper than whole life policy). Pay $281 a month for 25 years (36-60 years old) to have permanent guaranteed protection of $500K death benefit.

Chris, 36 years old, an engineer, in good health, and lives in Dallas, TX with his wife, Hanah, 31 years old, a teacher, and their two kids, David and Tess, aged 6 or 4. Chris makes $120K a year. He wants to have a permanent life insurance policy of $500K to provide protection for his family when he passes away. He wants to  pay premiums for 25 years only, until he reaches 60 years old. 

– If he passes away early, the policy’s payout needs to be able to pay off their mortgage ($300K) and their children’s college tuition ($100K each).  

– If he passes after the mortgage has been paid off, the policy’s payout will be for Hanah’s retirement expenses and helping with their children’s first homes. 

Like everyone else, he is concerned that a whole life policy is just so expensive that he can’t afford it, which is true: 

  • Penn Mutual whole life policy, the cheapest whole life policy that we could find, offering guaranteed death benefit of $500K, costs $7,470 a year in premiums or $622.5 a month. (pay premiums for 25 years only)

After shopping with 30+ carriers with their 90+ permanent life products, we were able to find a policy that meets Chris’ needs and is at a price that he can afford.  Prudential’s PruLife Universal Protector policy offers guaranteed permanent lifelong death benefit of $500K and it costs $3,371 a year in premium, or $281 a month. (pay premiums for 25 years only)

The PruLife Universal Protector policy’s premiums are 55% cheaper than the  cheapest whole life policy for similar coverage. 

Bob, 73 years old, retired, and living in Florida.
Replacing an existing Whole Life policy with a Guaranteed Universal Life policy . Stop paying premiums ($0 additional premiums for the rest of life). Higher guaranteed permanent death benefit. 

Bob is 73 years old, retired, and living in Florida. He has had a whole life insurance policy for 40 years with a face value of $250,000. He pays $2,200 a year in premiums. If he wants to keep the policy, he has to continue paying premiums until he passes away or reaches 100 years old. At age 73, the cash value account in his policy is worth $172,000. 

He is now retired and on a fixed income, he realizes that he might not be able to keep up with premium payment. He wants to explore what options he has if he doesn’t want to pay premiums anymore. Ideally, he wants to replace this with another policy that provides similar guaranteed lifelong permanent coverage and doesn’t require him to pay premiums anymore. 

After shopping with 20+ carriers and comparing their 40+ guaranteed universal life insurance products, we found a much better product for him. We recommended Guaranteed Protection Universal Life, a GUL product, from Penn Mutual life insurance company, which will provide him with $279,000 guaranteed death benefit up to 100 years old, regardless how the cash value account performs. And he doesn’t need to pay premiums anymore. 

This GUL product is a great solution for Bob. He doesn’t need to pay any penny in premiums anymore, yet still have a guaranteed and permanent coverage of $279,000 for his family when he passes away, which is $29,000 more than his current whole life policy. 

This is the power of Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance (GUL) product, providing permanent and guaranteed coverage for less than half the cost of Whole life insurance premiums. 

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